09 Dec

The world is so full of ABSENT people. There are absent fathers and mothers in families. There are absent husbands and wives in marriages. There are absent pastors in churches and absent leaders in various sectors of society. Some may appear to be physically present but in reality they are absent. Are you aware that the greatest gift parents can give to their children is just being present in their lives? The greatest gift spouses can give to each other is presence. The greatest gift a pastor can give to his congregation is just being there for them i.e. presence. The greatest gift relatives, friends and the Church family can give you is just being there when you need them. You are what you are because some people were there for you. Nobody was born with the capacity of being a lone ranger in life. Presence Therapy can give you what money cannot buy. There are a lot of people out there who are living empty and lonely lives even though they may appear to be preoccupied with work or leisure activities. A lot of suicides, substance abuse and other health and life threatening lifestyles are caused by loneliness. Even some of the well-to-do people are victims of loneliness. God’s promise to Moses and the Israelites, ‘MY PRESENCE SHALL GO WITH YOU…..’ was the greatest assurance they needed to move on towards their destiny. In a world of loneliness you need the company of the Holy Spirit in your daily life. The presence of God in your life is therapeutic to your body, soul and spirit. During this Christmas season the greatest gift you can give to someone is PRESENCE THERAPY. May the PRESENCE THERAPY go VIRAL in marriages, families, churches and society at large. I declare and decree that the PRESENCE THERAPY OF GOD may carry you into 2015.

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