WHILE MEN SLEPT (Matthew 13:24-30)

22 Dec

  The parable of the Wheat and Weeds is a call to vigilance. The Church needs to be more vigilant than any other period in Church history. Jesus gives this agrarian community a spiritual lesson using what is familiar to their simple minds. The story line goes, a farmer plants a good wheat crop. But while men slept, the enemy came and planted weeds among the good crop. Jesus taught this parable in the context of the Kingdom of God. The 21st century Church is not aware that the devil uses the tactics of sabotage to destroy the Kingdom of God. The devil specialises in planting weeds and he does this at night WHILE MEN ARE ASLEEP. The devil has become so sophisticated in his saboteur machinations and shenanigans. Inasmuch as Moses threw his rod and it turned into a snake, even Pharaoh’s magicians also threw their rods to the ground and they turned into snakes too. The only difference maker was when Moses’ snake swallowed those belonging to the Magicians. Be warned that there is a THIN LINE between genuine miracles and satanic imitations hence the need for discernment. Christians have a duty to decipher the authenticity of what is being performed IN THE NAME OF JESUS because not everyone who prophesies, casts out demons and/or performs miracles has been mandated by our Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:21-23). In light of this parable, the devil uses the following satanic strategies to sabotage the Kingdom of God. Check them out:
1) The law of infiltration: with this he has infiltrated all Church ranks
2) The law of propaganda: as a propagandist he simply propagates distorted truth
3) The law of counterfeit: he plants counterfeit Christians who are difficult to differentiate with genuine Christians
4) The law of impartation: weeds impart characteristics of weeds e.g. they impart discord in the Church
5) The law of dominance: taller plants choke or dominate shorter one hence choked prayers, choked worship, choked preaching, choked giving, choked spirituality etc
6) The law of privacy/secrecy: evil is not sown in public and in broad daylight. The devil works underground through the roots of his weeds which entangle those of the wheat

7) The law of sabotage: is a summation of the devil’s strategy which aims to derail God’s work left, right and centre.

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