RISE ABOVE YOUR PAST (Philippians 3:12-14)

31 Dec

As we come to the close of the 2014 season and about to enter into the new season of 2015, may I challenge you to review your life seriously and honestly. The process of moving into a new year is like moving or relocating to a new house. When you are moving houses you get shocked to discover how much junk you were keeping in the previous house. The good thing is that you get an opportunity to throw away the junk. Could it be that some people carry a lot of junk with them into every new year God graciously gives them? By so doing they start each new year overladen with unnecessary baggage. You may have had a lot of painful experiences, regrets, blunders and failures. You may have been a victim of circumstances but you cannot afford to carry a VICTIM MENTALITY into 2015. I urge you to rise above your past. Jabez became more honourable than his brothers because he rose above his past. Rahab rose above her past life of prostitution and she is recorded among heroes of faith. Perez, although he was a product of incest, he rose above his past and his name is associated with all those who preach about BREAKTHROUGH messages. Jephthah rose above his past because even though he was a product of a promiscuous relationship between his father and a prostitute, he became the leader of his step brothers and the whole of Israel. Refuse to look back into the rear view mirror. Refuse to spoil your new season with excess baggage from 2014. Paul urges us to forget what is behind and press towards the mark of our high calling. Match into 2015 with VICTORY MENTALITY.

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