23 Jan

As I write this article I am aware that I am treading on dangerous terrain. In our Christian Faith, we are taught to believe rather than to be a doubting Thomas. We are taught to trust rather than mistrust. We are taught to give a person the benefit of the doubt before we dismiss them. But my journey of faith has had some encounters with reality leading me to embrace some sceptical attitude towards some things I have observed in the land of the living. Before I delve into my observations, please excuse my scepticism. But this scepticism does not take away my faith in God. Check out the following observations: Fighters are fighters even if they fight for you. Most often fighters are good if they are fighting for you. But David learnt that those who fight for you have the potential to fight you (1Samuel 30:6). Do not be misled by the crowds when they shout great accolades and hosannas about you. Even Jesus Christ received similar accolades on his triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:9-11). But it is the same crowd which later shouted, CRUCIFY HIM (Matthew 27:22). Talk of your close confidantes with whom you think your secrets are safe and whom you assume that they will never betray you. Our Lord Jesus Christ had 12 of them. One of the confidantes was endowed with the special responsibility of keeping ministry funds. It was Judas Iscariot one of Jesus’ close confidantes who betrayed him (Matthew 26:14-16). Matthew gives the detail that after being given a hefty payment, Judas watched for an opportune time to hand Jesus over to the Chief Priests. Needless to mention that if you give an ear to gossipers, it’s pleasant when they tell you about others. But the moment they leave you, be assured that you may become the next headline. In light of the aforementioned examples it is foolhardy to just give your heart to every Tom, Dick and Harry. When sending his disciples to preach the gospel, Jesus Christ said to them, BEHOLD I AM SENDING YOU OUT AS SHEEP IN THE MIDST OF WOLVES. SO BE WISE AS SERPENTS AND HARMLESS AS DOVES (Matthew 10:16). Whoever believes that they are called by God to serve in his Vineyard should take heed of this warning. Beware of the wolves. FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED.


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6 responses to “EXCUSE MY SCEPTICISM

  1. Cleopas

    January 24, 2015 at 21:06

    Strong words indeed. May God help us and give us the wisdom to know the wolves before they devour us. Thank you Rev.


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