29 Jan

When God caused the Egyptians to be favourably disposed to the Israelites thus gave them gold, silver and other items of value, we call that TERUMAH FAVOUR. God did this so that the Israelites would not go out of Egypt empty-handed. The same God later stipulated that we should not go to the place of Worship empty-handed (Deut.16:16). Having crossed the Red Sea and camped at Mount Horeb, God told Moses to tell the Israelites to bring freewill offerings of gold, silver and other items of value for the construction of the Tabernacle or place of Worship. God was asking a small portion from what they had got by Terumah Favour. A freewill offering in Hebrew is called TERUMAH. The term TERUMAH means to set apart i.e. to sanctify from two Latin words: SANCTIS and FACIO meaning to set apart for holy use. TERUMAH also means to uplift or to elevate to a higher level. When you give your TERUMAH offering, whatever you have given changes from ordinary use to holy use. Your TERUMAH offering is elevated or uplifted to become holy before God. The moment your offering becomes a holy thing, God in turn will elevate you to a level of TERUMAH POWER i.e. power to make wealth or power to prosper. Warning!!!! whatever God declares or sanctifies holy should only be used for a holy purpose. Any money or items collected in the name of God should be properly administered for holy use. Shame on those preachers who are plundering that which is set aside for holy use in the house of God. A case in question of dishonouring holy things is the story of King Belshazzar who drank his wine from holy cups which had been confiscated from the temple by his father King Nebachdnezzar. God punished him that very night (Daniel 5). Take note also that the moment Ananias and Sapphira pledged to sell their field and give the money to the Church, the proceeds automatically became holy. When the Bible says, Remember the Lord your God for it is he who gives you the power to make wealth, it is speaking in terms of when you give your TERUMAH offering. While TERUMAH FAVOUR is a product of grace, TERUMAH POWER is a product of your ability to honour the Lord your God with your wealth, your tithe, your first-fruits and all other types of freewill offerings. Terumah Favour is for spiritual babies and Terumah Power is for the mature in the faith. Its your birthright to become wealthy but the key to unlock it is TERUMAH POWER.

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