LET THERE BE CORRECTION (Phil. 4:1-3, 2Tim. 3:16)

27 Feb

While Christianity is a religion of love, there is need to love someone enough to the point of correcting them where they are found wanting. Failure to correct believers is as good as spoiling them. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Spare correction, spoil the Christian. Paul supports this by saying, ‘All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness’. This is the kind of ‘Old time religion’ which grounds people in the Faith. But apparently this is a missing dimension in modern Christianity. An average Pastor is forced to be a Father Christmas who is always dishing out soothing and blessing sermons every Sunday at the expense of the solid word which should often be rebuking, correcting and training believers in righteousness. Calling a spade, a spade in the 21st Century religious market is tantamount to causing a new EXODUS where Church members move away in search of Preachers who preach what is in line with their itching ears. In some cases some Pastors have regrettably been relieved of their pastoral duty due to resentment of their correctional preaching. The fear of loss of membership has led to the relegation of the principle of correction in the Church. The bottom line is that the majority of modern Christians do not like correction. I am of the opinion that correction should be reclaimed back in God’s house if we are to maintain Christian values in the Church. While Paul affectionately loved the Church at Philippi, he did not avoid correcting two prominent women in that congregation known as EUODIA and SYNTYCHE. These women might have been influential people in the congregation because Paul calls them fellow workers. Paul challenged them to iron out their differences. Their contention was obviously harming the testimony of the Church both inside and outside. Both women needed to change their public conduct. It is true to say that contentions have ripple effects in and outside the Church hence the need for perpetrators of contentions to be corrected. Every Christian community will always have its EUODIAS and SYNTYCHES who need loving correction for the sake of protecting the integrity of the Church from the ripple effects of their behaviour. Let there be correction in the house of God.

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