MARRED, MENDED AND MOVING ON (Jer. 18:4, Ps. 34:19, 2Cor. 4:16-19)

23 Mar

Real life is a cycle of being marred, mended and moving on. If you have never been marred in your life, then you must be an angelic being. To Marr means to spoil, to tarnish, to ruin or to corrupt. In this modern world of uncouth media, you can be marred in a matter of seconds. By the time you try to defend yourself (if you have the capacity to do so), it will be too late and moreover you will be opening a pandora box you cannot close. A true hero of faith is seen by the scars they have received because of the gospel. THERE IS NO HERO WITHOUT SCARS (HAKUNA GAMBA RISINA MAVANGA). Paul says, ‘From now on, let no man bother me because I bear in my body the marks of Christ’ (Galatians 6:17). Paul addressing the Corinthians concerning this issue of the marring process, he says, ‘Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed i.e. MENDED day by day’. The devil specialises in marring people and this marring strategy started in the Garden of Eden. Thank God that what the devil mars, God mends and the mending process also began in the Garden of Eden and it was completed by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ when he died on the cross. God can put you together again. He does not throw away marred people. Just like a potter, God mends that which has been marred. God has already invested too much in your life such that he cannot afford to dump you in the junkyard. You are too special to be thrown away. Whilst it is the devil who specialises in marring people and that God specialises in mending people, it takes your personal initiative to move on. The reason why a lot of people struggle to move on is because they fear to be marred again. Remember the English saying: once beaten, twice shy. Moving on is a choice you make on your own. Learn to refuse to look in the rear view mirror of the past. Pick up your pieces and move on. Your emotions, your mood swings, and your doubts and fears cannot determine your future. Tell you what, ITS TOO LATE TO GIVE UP. Get out of that cave, its too late to give up. Get away from that Juniper tree, its too late to give up. Get out of that pit, its too late to give up. Stop murmuring and complaining, its too late to give up. Stop crying babe, its too late to give up. Stop lamenting about your afflictions, its too late to give up. Stop making lame excuses, its too late to give up. You may have been marred yes, but God mended you and therefore you must move on.

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