THE ABANDOPHOBIA SYNDROME (Isaiah 49:14, Genesis 40:14,23)

12 May

The term ‘ABANDOPHOBIA’ is one of the new words which has made it into the English vocabulary. It comes from the word ‘ABANDON’ which means to cease to support, to cease to look after, to desert, to renounce, to relinquish, to disown, to discard or to give up completely. Therefore a person suffering from ABANDOPHOBIA has a feeling that both people and God have somehow abandoned them. In the same vein another new word which has concurrently managed to enter into the English vocabulary is ‘ABANDOHOLIC’. An ABANDOHOLIC is a person whose mind has a hyper obsession or some kind of addiction about the fear of being abandoned. They have an inherent fear of rejection. Could it be that society is full of ABANDOHOLICS who are suffering from ABANDOPHOBIA? In the scripture cited above, Isaiah gives prophetic words of hope and restoration to the children of Israel whilst they were in Babylonian captivity. Instead of rejoicing over the coming new season of salvation, they reacted by saying, ‘The Lord has forsaken us, the Lord has forgotten us’. How many times have we fallen into the trap of ABANDOPHOBIA when faced by life’s challenges? We often conclude that God has forsaken us, forgotten us and abandoned us. Joseph probably felt the same way when he was thrown into prison for a sex scandal he did not commit. Some glimpse of hope came when he interpreted the dream of the Cupbearer to Pharaoh. He was in remand prison awaiting trial. The outcome of the dream was that the Cupbearer was going to be acquitted of the alleged crime and then be reinstated back to his job. Joseph said to him, ‘But when all goes well with you, remember me and show me kindness; mention me to Pharaoh and get me out of this prison’. Unfortunately the opposite happened. The Bible says, ‘The Chief Cupbearer however did not remember Joseph. He forgot him’. Truth be told, not every person you help will remember you. The English have rightfully said it, ‘OUT OF SIGHT,OUT OF MIND’. Maybe that is why some people have come up with a saying, ‘TRUST NOBODY’. If your story resonates with that of Joseph, I have good news for you. You are not abandoned, you are not forsaken, you are not forgotten. Abandophobia is not your portion. May God bless the latter part of your life more than the first just like the experience of Job. May God check your record and elevate you as he elevated Mordecai. May God pick you out of Lo-Debar and place you on the high table as he did to Mephibosheth. May God visit you like he did to Hannah and cause you to birth your Samuel. May God take you out of prison to the palace in the same way he promoted Joseph.

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