23 Jun

This story introduces us to a phobia which knows no boundaries. It affects the rich and successful as well as the poorest of the poor. It also affects politicians and preachers. Furthermore it affects married people be it husbands or wives. This is an insecurity problem best known as INSECUROPHOBIA. Those with a larger dosage of this condition are called INSECUROHOLICS. If this problem is nursed for too long it can ruin relationships or destroy the social, political and religious fabric of society. Thus produce a community which is intoxicated with hatred. In this story David was coming from yet another successful battle whereby women went into the street celebrating the exploits of David. They exclaimed, ‘King Saul has killed thousands and David tens of thousands’. This enraged the King hence his attempt to kill David and his (David) subsequent fugitive life running away from the insecure King. King Saul became paranoid because David was getting more accolades than him. Could it be that modern dictators in whatever setting they may be are suffering from insecurity of higher order? What could account for preachers who travel with an entourage of security personnel all over and everywhere? More baffling is when voluntary workers in the Christian Community also jostle for unremunerated positions and more so when such positions become highly guarded sacred cows. The common fear among insecure people is the possibility of loss be it of a treasured relationship, possession or position. If you identify with any of the following findings, chances are you have an insecurity problem which you need to deal with:
# Having a continuous sense or feeling of not being accepted
# Having a sense of shame and self-hatred
# Feeling less important in comparison with others
# Having a self-imposed attitude of being a failure in life
# Basing your worth or value on the opinion of others
# Self-imposed boundaries of social interaction
# Confusing imagination with reality on the ground
# Failure to celebrate or congratulate other people in their success story
# Failure to delegate responsibilities to capable team players
# Being apologetic even where an apology is not called for
# Always answering questions with an upward tone of voice
# Having an emotive temperament which is reactive and defensive
# Fear to share personal information especially with your spouse
# Over-protection of a valued relationship which reflects jealousy rather than love
# Abusive behaviour manifesting in lashing out, intimidation and bullying i.e. being a control freak
# Preoccupation with being a people pleaser rather than a God pleaser
# Overly sensitive to constructive criticism let alone accept suggestions especially if they come from below
# Constant need for approval and validation
# A tendency to avoid accountability
# Hypercritical, historical and hysterical

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One response to “THOU SHALT NOT BE INSECURE (1Samuel 18:5-12)

  1. Wellington T Mahati

    June 23, 2015 at 12:30

    Almost everyone,if not everyone,requires the therapy of The Holy Spirit, and the Word of God.
    We encounter a lot of things in our individual environments, which make us respond in many different ways. Defensive mechanisms mostly in the form of these Phobias begin to manifest in our day to day lives.Thank you Reverend!!


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