01 Oct

A lot has been said about destiny killers and I have also contributed to this genre with a sermon entitled: ITS TOO LATE FOR YOUR HATERS taken from the story of Mordecai and Haman. But little or nothing has been said about BRAND KILLERS. Whilst destiny killers tend to target individuals, Brand killers target groups, companies and communities hence their influence destroys more people. A brand is a name, a term, a symbol, a model or a feature that distinguishes a product. The emissions scandal which happened with a German car manufacturer Volkswagen is a classic case where a brand can be killed from the inside. Permit me to say that each denomination or ministry is a brand in the Kingdom of God which is working towards fulfilling the Great Commission of winning souls for Christ. I am of the opinion that there is no perfect denomination or a perfect community but there is need among believers and Church members to protect the Church or Brand to which they belong. What would it benefit believers to tarnish their own brand and emulate the brand next door? Of late there are so many uncouth Church members who do not care what they say about their Church, their Church leaders or fellow members. I call these Church members BRAND KILLERS. Some of them may be labelled Accidental Brand Killers (ABKs) i.e. they unconsciously kill the brand through so-called simple issues like gossip about their leaders or fellow believers. But the majority are Deliberate Brand Killers (DBKs) who deliberately spread falsehoods about others well-knowing that it will destroy the Lord’s work. These are the people who move from one congregation to another or change Churches like outfits. Unfortunately such believers are so cunning because they can lie low for a season in the new community but sooner or later they will show their true colours. The bottom line is that believers who leave one Church for another because of unresolved issues simply carry the same problem to the next Church or congregation. Churches beware of such enemies who are operating from inside our ranks and file. It is easier to handle enemies from outside like Sanballat and Tobiah rather than the Jannes and Jambres from inside (2Timothy 3:8). It takes only one newspaper article to tarnish a brand but it takes ages to rebuild or rebrand the lost image. Every true believer should know that they are representatives and ambassadors of a Brand and they have a duty to protect the Brand. How a believer carries herself/himself around in daily life can either promote or kill a Brand. I have an appeal to fellow Pentecostal believers and preachers. Let us protect this brand of Christianity from losing its savour. Let us avoid the spirit of dissension, defection and division which is the greatest Brand killer. Let us not blow issues out of proportion. There is no issue which cannot be resolved from inside. Let us not wash our dirty linen in public, it only kills the Brand. Jesus said that every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. Let us stand together as a team to protect our Brand. It is suicidal for a believer to kill the brand they want to belong to. Thou shalt not be a Deliberate Brand Killer. 

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  1. Wellington T.M

    October 1, 2015 at 14:41

    Got it Reverend Loud and clear. Thank you so much:(ABKs)&(DBKs). Ndadzidza ini hangu.


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