18 Nov


I got a revelation concerning perennial problems, diseases, demons and spirits whilst I was clearing leaves from our front and back gardens. The five years I have been in the United Kingdom has taught me a few realities I have to expect annually. The summer season brings with it a green environment composed of green lawns and green trees. Our compound in particular is full of big trees which produce a great scenery in summer. But unfortunately every autumn, these trees shed off their leaves indiscriminately leading to the littering of our Close, pavements and gardens. The conclusion of the matter is that our compound has a perennial problem of litter from these dead leaves every autumn again and again.

The word PERENNIAL means something that regularly recurs over a long period or something that recurs or happens again and again. Furthermore it may mean something that is regularly or perpetually repeated usually at a specific time. Could it be that the Midianites had become a perennial problem to the Israelites during the time of Gideon? They would always come and and impoverish the Israelites of their crops during harvest time. Dear friend, you need to beware of perennial problems which occur at a specific season. Beware of perennial demons or spirits which come to attack you at a specific season. Beware of perennial diseases which destabilise your health at a specific time of the year. Beware of perennial locusts which come to eat your hard earned pounds at a specific time every year. Beware of perennial parasites which come to suck your life out at a specific period. Beware of perennial little foxes which come to invade your marriage at a specific season again and again. It does not matter whether these perennial problems are annual, biennial, triennial, quadrennial, quinquennial, decennial, centennial or millennial. You need to deal with them before they impoverish your social life, your moral life, your spiritual life, your marital life, your professional life and even your physical life. Its time to challenge Midianite spirits which hover over your life at a time when you are about have a breakthrough. Forewarned is forearmed.

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