19 Nov

The Bible is littered with sad and heart-breaking stories of betrayal. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers. David was betrayed by his own son Absalom. Tamar was betrayed by her brother Amnon. Moses was betrayed by Korah and Dathan. Apostle Paul was betrayed by Demas. Even Jesus Christ was betrayed by one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot through a hug and a kiss culminating with a back stab. The list is endless. In the story cited above, Judas was rewarded with thirty pieces of silver for betraying Jesus. But later on he felt remorse and took the money back to the Chief Priests and Elders who had paid him for the betrayal. Unfortunately they refused to entertain him, thus In desperation he threw the money in the temple, fled away and hanged himself. The Chief Priests could not put back the money into the treasury because it was against law to put BLOOD MONEY into the house of God. Could it be that out of every betrayal transaction there is blood money involved? Furthermore even if someone does not get rewarded financially, I still view it as a BLOOD TRANSACTION because it involves innocent blood. I am not being an alarmist to say that there are a lot of backstabbings, betrayals and blood transactions taking place in the house of God. Needless to mention that a reasonable percentage of new Ministries, Churches and Congregations are being birthed out of betrayal, although there are genuine cases where God raises someone to start a new Ministry. This spirit of betrayal is on the increase but the powers that be are deliberately turning a blind eye to such atrocities which are often done in the name of God. But let it be known that the unrighteous shall perish (Psalm 37:20). God is not mocked. Betrayers/traitors shall reap what they sow.
Any type of betrayal is a painful experience to the victim be it in religion, politics, business, marriage, family, workplace, friendship etc. Betrayal only occurs where there was a mutual relationship of love and trust. Betrayal can only be done by someone who knows your heart, values and standards but chooses to depict you otherwise. Only a friend can betray a friend. Only a spouse can betray a spouse. Only a Christian can betray a Christian. You cannot truly say that you have been betrayed by your enemy because no one in their normal senses would trust, let alone give their heart to their enemy. The very people who have the privilege to kiss you or hug you are the ones with the capacity to betray you and backstab you. Beware who kisses you or hugs you because these are the people who are close enough to back stab you. If you have been a victim of betrayal, I have a few thoughts to share with you:
# Never say, how can a Christian do this to me because even Christians can be cruel to each other

# The level of intimacy determines the level of pain. The closer the relationship the greater the pain of betrayal

# Betrayal is unavoidable if you are genuinely human and you genuinely love and trust people in your life

# Every one of us has been betrayed by someone in life, if not then you are either from Mars or Jupiter

# You have also betrayed someone in one way or another, if not, then you are an angel

# Emotional scars of betrayal take longer to heal than physical wounds, therefore do not take such wounds lightly

# Do not allow an atypical case of betrayal to lead you to make a hasty generalisation that all people cannot be trusted or loved

# How you respond to betrayal is more important than the betrayal itself. Ask yourself what lessons you have learnt out of the betrayal

# Do not view the betrayal personally as if you are to blame because it could be that the perpetrator has his or her own issues

# Never pay back evil for evil because God says that vengeance belongs to him

# Turn your painful feelings into productive actions i.e. Don’t just sit there, do something

# Let your painful past stay in the past. Choose to forgive your perpetrators and move on with your life

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