21 Jan

When I came to live in the United Kingdom I thought I had run away from fake products which are flooding and destroying the economy of African countries. I thought that everything I buy from UK shops must be BRAND PRODUCTS. But to my surprise, my stay in Manchester exposed me to a section of the city which is notorious for selling fake products. This area is known as Cheetham Hill industrial site. It is claimed to be the wholesale centre for fake products in the United Kingdom. In this area they have fake products which imitate all the brand products you can think of from watches, handbags, clothing lines, perfumes, shoes, smart phones etc. Their buzz word is BARGAIN PRICE for designer products. You can even buy one and get one free. One thing those who buy these products do not realise is that cheap products are CHEAP FOR A REASON i.e they are fake. The Manchester Metropolitan Police regularly raid these shops and confiscate products worth millions of pounds. The main reason is that they are causing REPUTATIONAL DAMAGE to genuine BRAND PRODUCTS because of their use of BRAND NAMES on fake goods.

Could it be that false prophets like fake goods suppliers are causing REPUTATIONAL DAMAGE to the Kingdom of God? In as much as reputation of BRAND PRODUCTS is influenced by perception so is the reputation of the Church. If one buys a fake Ted Baker product, his perception would be Ted Baker products are not as good as she/he thought. What more if innocent souls are misled by false prophets? Their perception of the Church will be damaged. As mentioned earlier, cheap products are cheap for a reason. Similarly cheap preaching/prophesying is cheap for a reason i.e. to mislead. Just like fake products sellers, modern false prophets are there to make a quick buck. It would be foolhardy for preachers from genuine Churches to emulate what false prophets are dishing out to unsuspecting followers. The JESUS BRAND is not cheap because it costed our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to die on the Cross for our sins. You were bought with a price (1Cor.6:20). Reputation is our most important asset as the Body of Christ. We have to maintain our Christian BRAND VALUES on one hand and on the other hand unequivocally rebut and expose false prophets who are deliberately damaging the reputation of the JESUS BRAND. BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS. BEWARE OF BRAND KILLERS. BEWARE OF REPUTATIONAL DAMAGERS.

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  1. Mambo Mugumbate

    January 21, 2016 at 16:57

    Dear Pastor its not so long when I met this old man who at one other time was a senior leader in our church leader in our church, he decided to elope to one of these prophetic and miracle performing churches. I was left in mesmerization by the things he told me. He indicated to me that their prophet was now in the habit of going to heaven once per month to have a round table conversation with God on issues pertaining to this world. At first I thought the man’s mind was no longer in its proper condition but when I saw that he was indeed serious I cried inside me. When I asked how he knows that, he replied that their prophet told them so. These are indeed fake prophets with their fake prophetic messages. But, even in our church we need to be on the look out because that trend is encroaching. Musazoti elder Havana kukuudzai


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