04 Feb

This article is meant to shake your THEOLOGY OF PRAYER as well as introduce you to the prayers of the Old Testament Prophets. Modern Christians are more accustomed to intercessory prayer and its a good type of prayer. But the Old Testament prophets were down to earth real people whose prayers addressed real life situations. Prophets could make prayers as if they were in a court session where they would prosecute God through LAMENTS OR COMPLAINTS. This was a ganre of prayers where prophets interrogated God with real life questions which were happening in society but needing a divine answer. Prophet Habakkuk like many Old Testament prophets engaged God in INTERROGATORY PRAYERS. He questions God for lack of intervention to stop the violence and injustice prevailing in society. Could it be that INTERROGATORY PRAYER is about pouring out our hearts to God? Let us be real with our prayers. Interrogatory prayer should not be associated with lack of faith or trust in God. Interrogatory prayer is about crying to God with our doubts and our struggles. Interrogatory prayer is a cry against agony/pain i.e. A HOW LONG CRY TO GOD. Interrogatory prayer is a cry of anger and a demand for relief. Interrogatory prayer is a cry of confusion as in THE WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME PRAYER OF JESUS. Interrogatory prayer is an expression of sorrow and regret. Interrogatory prayer is a conversation between a real human being and a real God. Interrogatory prayer is like Jacob wrestling with God for answers to life’s puzzles. Interrogatory prayer strips us of all pretence and hypocrisy. Interrogatory prayer is about being GENUINE, ORIGINAL AND REAL. Are you in agony and pain? Say it as it is to God. Are you confused about how things are turning out in your life? Say it as it is to God. Do you have sorrow and regrets in life? Say it as it is to God. Do you have secret issues you are not able to tell anyone? Say it as it is to God. THIS IS A REALITY CHECK OF YOUR CONVERSATIONS WITH YOUR MAKER. BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO MOURN FOR THEY SHALL BE COMFORTED. 



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  1. Mambo Mugumbate

    February 4, 2016 at 06:35

    Thanks Pastor for opening such a wonderful revelation of prayer to me.

  2. Kennedy Mashonganyika

    February 12, 2016 at 09:12

    I love this subject. Thank u Pastor. But I feel this was just an introduction. Can’t wait for the main meal. God Bless

  3. Agnes Chipere

    May 29, 2016 at 00:27

    God bless


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