10 Feb

The English language is so pregnant with words and terms which are influencing Christian jargon. In an effort to be contemporary and relevant and in my endeavour to share biblical truth, I have coined the term INTENTIONAL SURROGATE CHRISTIANS. The word SURROGATE simply means a substitute, a proxy or a replacement. Modern developments in medical sciences have created a new type of mother known as a surrogate or substitute mother. Couples who are not able to directly have children due to some medical reasons but have a healthy egg and a healthy sperm can hire a surrogate mother to carry and give birth to their baby. This method of having progeny is also being used by the gay community. The medical term for this method of birthing is called GESTATIONAL SURROGACY. The child which comes out of this surrogate arrangement is genetically unrelated to the surrogate mother (CARRIER). My purpose does not have time to deal with ethical implications of such arrangements. Could it be that there are Christians who offer their WOMBS FOR HIRE to the devil? They allow themselves to be used by the Devil inside the Christian community. The Church from time immemorial has suffered greater setbacks in its mission from internal saboteurs. One modern great preacher argues that the Church can be easily destabilised by internal strife rather than outside persecution. Such saboteurs appear to be pregnant with the things of God yet they have a surrogate arrangement with the devil. The book of Job uses AN ANCIENT APOTHEGM i.e. a short, witty, pithy and cryptic wisdom utterance or in simple terms; AN INSTRUCTIVE SAYING which conveys an important truth. Job 15:35 says this about INTENTIONAL SURROGATE CHRISTIANS, ‘For they conceive mischief and they give birth to iniquity; their womb is pregnant with deception’. Three key words come out of this satanic surrogate arrangement namely: MISCHIEF, INIQUITY & DECEPTION. These three words summarise what the modern religious market is offering to unsuspecting innocent souls. We have mischievous preachers, prophets and miracle workers who are perpetuating iniquity and deception in broad day light. Its all there on Internet, bill boards and other kinds of media. Whatever they propound does not glorify God but the devil with whom they have entered a SURROGATE AGREEMENT. THOU SHALT NOT BE AN INTENTIONAL SURROGATE CHRISTIAN. I REST MY CASE. 

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