26 Feb

We are living in a time where TURNING A BLIND EYE to issues has become an art of survival in secular leadership in general and Sacred/Christian leadership in particular. TURNING A BLIND EYE means to choose to ignore something or pretend not to notice. From a legal point of view it is called WILFUL BLINDNESS or WILFUL IGNORANCE. Wilful blindness has become a systemic and cultural cancer which is eating away the fabric of our Christian ethics and values. This article is a deliberate attempt to confront and expose this new Theology of Wilful Ignorance. It is suicidal for the Church to surrender its values and standards for the sake of being an inclusive community. Inclusivism should not be done at the expense of the quality and importance of exclusivism. There is a lot more to lose when we turn a blind eye to sin and evil in our society. Our pulpits are turning a blind eye to moral, social, economic and political issues. Why are Church leaders silent about corruption? Why are they silent about human rights abuse? Why are they silent about immorality? Why are they silent about sophisticated slavery? Why are they silent about violence in society? Why are they silent when the rich become richer and the poor become poorer? Why are they silent about abuse of power? Why are they silent about the dog-eat-dog situation where people are fighting for positions in and outside the Church? Why are they silent about abuse of the laity by the clergy or vice versa? What makes them to prefer wilful ignorance rather than confronting the issues? I have come to conclude that TURNING A BLIND EYE to issues is a control mechanism and a manipulative strategy to remain in power. By so doing our values are sacrificed at the altar of compromise. Just to illustrate with the secular rather than the sacred, THE FIFA SCANDAL comes to mind because its a recent phenomenon of wilful blindness of a higher order. This lack of high moral purpose and deliberately sticking one’s head in the sand has long-term consequences on the integrity and testimony of the Church to the inside and outside publics. How do we remain a community of HOLINESS when there are so many irregularities, inconsistencies and anomalies in the House of God? Where are the Martin Luthers and Martin Luther King Juniors of today who are ready to confront the deadly cancer which is slowly eating and eroding our co-values and ethics? It is not safe to turn a blind eye to issues of eternity. I WILL BE SILENT NO MORE COME WIND, COME STORM, COME HAILSTONES!!!!!!


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  1. Angella chimhau

    February 27, 2016 at 12:43

    Amen Pastor May God rises the King Luthers of our time.

  2. Agnes Chipere

    May 29, 2016 at 00:29

    Powerful teaching


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