29 Sep

I have come to realise that your haters will never give up until you are dead and buried. The book of Revelation calls the mastermind behind your haters as the ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN who accuses them day and night. A good reading of the Gospels will show you that Jesus’ haters used all sorts of gimmicks and shenanigans to accuse him. By so doing they were creating a NARRATIVE they wanted the world to know about our Saviour. THEY TRIED IT ALL. They went to the extent of using the RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL SYSTEMS of the day to get rid of him. Surprisingly Jesus’ haters were RELIGIOUS FOLKS i.e. Pharisees and Sadducees. When religious people hate you, they do so with passion and in the NAME OF GOD. If you are a true believer and a servant of the Most High, you are not immune to false accusations and SATANIC NARRATIVES. THEY WILL TRY IT ALL, including using the SYSTEMS in place especially if such systems are corrupt from top to bottom. This generation is much more vulnerable due to the emergence of the free for all SOCIAL MEDIA. Accusations against you can easily be transmitted and can go viral without giving you an opportunity to set the record straight. On the other hand it would be naivety on your side to assume that they are through with you. Luke says, ‘When the devil had finished all this tempting, (against Jesus) he left him until an OPPORTUNE TIME’. In other words the devil simply took a short break waiting for another opportunity to strike again. Please be warned that your haters use the principle of MULTIPLE OR MINI-STROKES i.e. one small attack at a time (My little medical knowledge) when attacking you. This type of assault causes progressive damage over your reputation and unfortunately it can eventually cause permanent reputation damage. However, please be reminded that there is a difference between your REPUTATION and your CHARACTER. Reputation is what others think you are (obviously based on what they hear) and character is what you really are (whether they see it or not). I would rather keep my character intact no matter what. But whatever the case may be, EVIL WILL NEVER TRIUMPH OVER GOOD AND FALSEHOODS WILL NEVER TRIUMPH OVER TRUTH. Even if their accusations led our Saviour to be crucified on the CROSS but thanks be to God that HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD ON THE THIRD DAY thus putting to shame all the accusations of his haters. Check out the accusations levelled against Jesus Christ:

# They accused him of falsely claiming to forgive sins

# They accused him of eating with publicans and sinners

# They accused him of laboring on the Sabbath

# They accused him of healing on the Sabbath

# They accused him of working by the power of Beelzebub (Demon possessed)

# They accused him of breaking Jewish traditions

# They accused him of falsely claiming to be a prophet

# They accused him of falsely claiming to be the son of God

# They accused him of being a false prophet

# They accused him of making himself equal to God

# They accused him of inciting rebellion and subversion

# They accused him of opposing paying taxes to Caesar

# They accused him of claiming to be the Messiah

# They accused him of claiming to be the King of the Jews

# They accused him of stirring/influencing people by his teachings

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