12 Oct

If you throw a stone or any object into water it will create ripples which will spread outwards beyond where it dropped. This is called ripple effect or spreading effect. Going by this principle; the larger the stone the larger the ripple effect. Conversely, the smaller the stone the smaller the ripple effect. In God’s house we have small stones and big stones i.e. prominent people like the clergy and less prominent people like the laity in their ranks and file. Paul calls upon the young Timothy to set an example to the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. In life our behaviour has ripple effects on others positively or negatively. What we do in public and in private has a great impact on other people. Those who are in positions of leadership have a greater responsibility to be an example to their followers. We are called upon to set an example in the words which come out of our mouths, in the way we publicly conduct ourselves, in demonstrating the love of Christ to others, in how we handle the word of truth i.e. the Faith and how we maintain purity in our relationships especially with the opposite sex. If we are to go by the Pauline guidelines, we would positively impact the whole world with the gospel exhibited through our lifestyle. This is the power of ripple effect in action. How we carry ourselves in society has far reaching ripple effects beyond our imagination. The choices and decisions we make have ripple effects over us and others around us. If it is applied negatively it also implies that there would be negative ripple effects of our actions thus repel people from coming to Christ. When all is said and done, what legacy are you imparting to the next generations? Thou shalt not impart poisonous ripple effects to future generations.

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One response to “THE POWER OF RIPPLE EFFECT (1Timothy 4:12)

  1. Wellington T M

    October 12, 2016 at 17:02

    Thank you Reverend, for reminding us that all the eyes are on us in our ‘going out and coming out’, (as the KJV would put it). I have always been inspired by your teachings, not some, but all of them.


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