02 Nov

In the first ingredient of authentic visitation we said that YOU HAVE TO WANT TO BE VISITED. we said that this is about craving and desiring to be visited. The second ingredient of authentic visitation is: YOU HAVE TO CREATE A CONDUCIVE ATMOSPHERE FOR VISITATION. There is a Christian cliche which says, ‘The atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground for miracles’. May I tweak this cliche by saying, ‘The atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground for visitations’. We as believers have a part to play in creating the atmosphere for visitation. The 1906 Azusa Revival in Los Angeles, USA was preceded by a hunger and thirst for HOLINESS hence the Holiness Movement became a precursor of the Pentecostal Movement. Holiness entails the virtue of confession of sins as King David did when he said, CREATE IN ME A CLEAN HEART O LORD AND RENEW A RIGHT SPIRIT WITHIN ME (Psalm 51). This confession happened after King David had taken Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife and subsequently killed Uriah thus attempt to conceal this scandalous act. If we stop confessing we stop encountering God’s visitation. Creating a conducive atmosphere for visitation also entails CLOSURE of past pain, grief and heartbreaks and then embracing the spirit of forgiveness leading to the ability to move on in life. We cannot afford to mourn about the past when we can celebrate the coming of a new season. Remember that at some point God challenged Samuel: HOW LONG SHALL YOU MOURN/GRIEVE FOR SAUL? (1Samuel 16:1). Some chapters have to close before a new chapter of visitation is opened. 
Could it be that Genesis 1:2 is a classic example of how the Spirit of God created a conducive atmosphere for the whole creation story? The setting is that the earth was void and without form and darkness was over the surface of the deep. Then the Bible says that the Spirit of God HOVERED upon this earth which was void and without form. The word ‘hovered’ here is like a hen seating over her eggs thus cause the INCUBATION PROCESS leading to the hatching of chicks. The hovering of the Spirit of God was INCUBATING the hatching of the creation story. In a similar manner Prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel went a step up the mountain and sat down in an INCUBATION POSITION hence his statement, I CAN HEAR THE SOUND OF A MIGHTY RAIN. It took seven trips for his servant to go and look to the sea before the hatching of a small cloud which later produced a heavy outpour of rain. In light of the above, it is our duty to meditate on the word of God as an incubation process leading to a mighty visitation.
Giving God some praise is yet another way of creating a conducive environment for visitation. Paul and Silas sang hymns of praise in the midnight hour and God showed up. Prophet Elisha would always ask for a harpist/musician to play some soothing music before he made prophetic utterances. I can smell the coming of a double season prophesied by Prophet Joel and it is our responsibility to give God some double praise IN ADVANCE. Prophet Isaiah encourages us to put on the GARMENT OF PRAISE which has the power to evict the spirit of heaviness. When you see me singing and praising my God, I am creating a conducive atmosphere for visitation. When you see me crying or dancing like David, I am creating a conducive atmosphere for visitation. Your Praise is your John the Baptist whose function is to prepare the way for the coming of God’s VISITATION. Just as Isaac re-dug the wells his father Abraham had dug but had been covered by the Philistines, it is our noble duty to re-dig the wells of visitation in these last days. I rest my case. For the third ingredient, I shall argue that GOD VISITS YOU IN THE PLACE OF ASSIGNMENT i.e. YOU ARE STRATEGICALLY POSITIONED FOR VISITATION.

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