03 Nov

The third ingredient of authentic visitation is: GOD VISITS YOU IN THE PLACE OF ASSIGNMENT i.e. you have to be strategically placed for visitation. The majority of Bible characters whom God visited, had this encounter in their place of assignment. Unfortunately Elimelek and Naomi together with their two sons left Bethlehem of Judah, their place of assignment for Moab because there had been a famine. Unfortunately Elimelek and his sons died in Moab leaving Naomi and her two Moabite daughters-in-law whom her sons had married there. Beware of the danger of being in the wrong place. There is a cost to pay for being in the wrong place. Could it be that many people succumb to the lure of Moab? May I categorically state that Moab has nothing to offer. The grass is not greener in Moab and famine in your place of assignment is just a temporary setback. When she heard (Naomi) that the Lord had visited the people of Bethlehem of Judah by giving them bread, she decided to go back home. To those who have backslidden and have ended up in Moab, I have GOOD NEWS & GOOD NEWS for you, GO BACK HOME. I am of the opinion that believers should BUD, BLOOM & BOOM where they are planted (Psalm 1:3). God strategically plants his people in some communities for a purpose and he visits them in those places of assignment. Check out these Bible characters:
# Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden i.e. their place of assignment and God visited them in the COOL OF THE DAY. 

# Prophet Isaiah was in the Temple i.e. his place of assignment and this is where he experienced God’s visitation.

# Prophet Ezekiel also had several visitations in the Temple settings being his place of assignment. Remember Ezekiel 47 where he had a vision of water levels which were coming from the Temple. Could it be that some have ankle level visitations, others knee level visitations and whilst others have waist level visitations.

# On the day of the dedication of the Temple which King Solomon built, the Priests were busy with their religious chores in their place of assignment when God interrupted with a heavy presence and visitation. The Priests could not go on with their liturgy as usual. When God visits, you will not have Church as usual.

# Priest Zachariah the husband of Elizabeth was in the Temple i.e. his place of assignment when the angel of the Lord visited with the good news of the coming of baby John the Baptist.

# Gideon thought he was hiding in the Winepress only to be visited by the angel of the Lord there.

# Apostle John was on the Island of Patmos i.e. his place of assignment when he had God’s visitations.

# The Samaritan woman was at the well which was her place of assignment. Instead of fetching water, she FETCHED HER SEASON.

# Peter was at the lake of Gennesaret i.e. his place of assignment when he had a boat-sinking and a net-breaking catch of fish.

# The Early Church was in the Upper Room, in ONE PLACE & ONE ACCORD when the Holy Spirit descended upon all of them (CORPORATE VISITATION).

# Your local Church is your place of assignment and God is going to visit you there. It is your responsibility to pray for corporate visitation at your local Church. God specialises in using local Churches to bring revival in communities. 
In the fourth ingredient, I propose that EACH VISIT IS INTENTIONAL i.e. ITS PURPOSE DRIVEN. Check it out in the next article.

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