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Truth has become a rare commodity these days especially in the political and religious landscapes. Some have recently come to conclude that we are living in a POST-TRUTH ERA. I am of the opinion that a POST-TRUTH ERA has been around for a long time at least from Africa where I originate. African politicians have always been labelled as SPIN DOCTORS whose speeches at political rallies are totally disconnected from the policy issues they have to fulfil. These CON-ARTISTS have been known to promise the building of bridges where there are no rivers. What amazes me is that despite the blatant lies they make, they still remain in power or a new crop of liars still make it to STATE HOUSE because of their emotive jargon and persuasive speeches. To them truth is always temporarily unavailable. Its one thing to be persuasive and it is another to be truthful. Dishonesty and deception is now associated with these high offices in the land to the demise of the innocent populace who are easily lured by these logical fallacies. These lying tendencies are characterised by half truth, little truth, sweeping statements, mass hysteria, distortions, exaggerations and strategic use of rumours and falsehoods. These diabolical tactics are not only existent in the so-called DICTATORSHIP STATES OF AFRICA but also in the so-called EURO-AMERICAN DEMOCRACIES hence the spirit of anti-establishment is shaking the so-called super-states. Even proponents of anti-establishment are also using the POST-TRUTH DISCOURSE. By so doing they are speaking the language the SYSTEM understands. 
What is more worrying is when PREACHERS and PROPHETS in the Christian Community get possessed by the spirit of the age i.e. POST-TRUTH ERA. We should be worried when Preachers and Prophets make false promises to congregants. We should be worried when Preachers and Prophets prophesy lies and make false predictions. We should be worried when Preachers and Prophets have become forensic Psychologists and Magicians par excellence. We should be worried when Preachers and Prophets focus more on MATERIALISM rather than MONOTHEISM. We should be worried when Preachers and Prophets parade themselves more than they parade Christ. We should be worried when Preachers and Prophets live a lie rather than demonstrate the fear of the Lord i.e. Talking it by the MILE but living it by the INCH. We should be worried when Preachers and Prophets pull large crowds through false claims and promises. We should be worried when Preachers and Prophets focus on titles, accolades and worse still parade unearned chains of degrees. 
The Bible clearly says that you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. The opposite is true that LYING will keep you in bondage. Judas Iscariot ended up committing suicide because he could not stand the thought that he had betrayed innocent blood. True healing and true deliverance should be based on truth. Hence when Jesus healed the ten lepers, he instructed them to go and show themselves to the Priest. At that time it was the Priest who screened those who had been healed back into the community. In my other article I argued the need to go and see your Doctor for screening to verify the truth of your healing. How many Preachers and Prophets would have the courage of sending those they claim to have been healed to go and get their HIV status and other related ailments to be screened by doctors. Jesus also taught that true worship should be done in spirit and in truth. Somebody said that if you are full of the spirit without the truth, you BLOW UP i.e. YOU ARE BLOWN BY EVERY WIND OF DOCTRINE. Similarly if you full of truth without the spirit, YOU DRY UP i.e. YOU HAVE A FORM OF RELIGION BUT LACKING THE POWER. You never go wrong by living truthfully in the Post-Truth Era. Remember this saying by Mark Twain, A LIE CAN TRAVEL HALF WAY AROUND THE WORLD WHILE THE TRUTH IS PUTTING ON ITS SHOES. In the same vein, Aldous Huxley says, FACTS DO NOT CEASE TO EXIST BECAUSE THEY ARE IGNORED. I rest my case.

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