11 Nov

In this section I attempt to establish that God does not only show up but he also shows off. When he visits THERE MUST BE TANGIBLE RESULTS OF VISITATION. This sixth ingredient of authentic visitation has our interests at heart. Visitation is about God showing up and showing off in your life. To SHOW UP means to arrive unexpectedly, to allow to be seen, to make an appearance, to be clearly visible, to step down. On the other hand, to SHOW OFF means a behaviour which attracts attention, to display one’s ability, to prove one’s capacity or to do something to impress. Thats typical of our God. He wants to impress us.
I believe in the God of tangible results. I believe in tangible healing, tangible breakthrough, tangible deliverance, tangible miracles, tangible anointing, tangible blessings. When God visits we see things in the Spirit Realm. Whatever God gives you, you have to see it in the Spirit Realm first and then comes the physical manifestation. What would it help you to dream driving a state of the art car only to be disappointed when you wake up to reality? What would it help you to sleep in a beautiful house in your third heaven dreams only to wake up to reality but wish your dream continued? Your high flying dreams should have a landing gear. Life is not just about a pie in the sky when you die. You must also have your pie whilst you are here and now. May the things you dream become tangibles in your life. Remember that Isaac planted a crop in a drought season and the God of tangibles made him to reap a hundredfold. Obed-Edom housed the Ark of the Covenant for three months and God blessed him big time. What he could not achieve for many years, God supplied in three months. Peter had a NET-BREAKING and BOAT-SINKING catch of fish when Jesus instructed him to launch into the deep for a catch. God redirected all the fish towards Peter’s boat. May NET-BREAKING and BOAT-SINKING blessings locate you at your postcode. When the God of tangibles shows off you will have overcoming, overdosing, overjoying, overpowering, over-stretching, overflowing, overwhelming and overtaking blessings. 
On the spiritual side we also observe the God of tangibles at work. Moses’ face shined with the glory of God whenever he came down from Mount Horeb where he encountered God. May you be a shining example of GODLINESS in your day to day life. Jehu came out of the tent dripping with anointing oil poured upon him by one of the sons of the Prophet. May your life be anointed for good works in the Kingdom of God. Jacob went limping for the rest of his life because of the angelic visitation. May your christian lifestyle never be the same again after encountering your Creator God. Paul unfortunately had a THORN IN THE FLESH for the rest of his life. He pleaded with God three times to take away #ThisThorn but God said NO. God assured him by saying, MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR YOU, FOR MY POWER IS MADE PERFECT IN WEAKNESS. To those who have thorns in the flesh because of the GREAT REVELATIONS, please be assured that HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR YOU. When you are weak, then you are strong. YOU ARE STRONG IN THE STRENGTH OF ANOTHER i.e. JESUS CHRIST. 

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  1. Nigel13nashe

    November 13, 2016 at 15:16

    Amen I’m living this visitation pastor my God showed up when I least expected Him and He is showing off without any doubt. I love this God!!


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