30 Nov

The United Kingdom is one of the top destinations for immigrants who come there due to various circumstances. Originally the major reason for people to come to the UK was to receive higher education in colleges and universities. By so doing some ended up being assimilated into the UK job market. But in these recent years foreign professionals have sought greener pastures in the UK as well as political, economic and social refugees who have come to seek asylum as they flee from harsh conditions of life from their home countries. This influx of immigrants did not give most married couples a smooth and quick transition from their home countries. Depending on each individual’s situation, some couples waited for as long as ten or more years to reunite due to cumbersome and meticulous UK immigration processes. However an observation has been made that there is a higher divorce rate among immigrants in diaspora than their counterparts in their home country. What could have exacerbated this decline of the value of the marriage institution? Listed below are some of the causes of the increase in divorce rate among married couples living in diaspora:

1) Forced separation of married couples for a long time thus giving room to temptation and marital unfaithfulness due to loneliness
2) Absence of a closely knit extended family which was a safeguard to divorce as it provided necessary support and early interventions to ailing marriages back in Africa
3) Lack of guidance and counselling on the re-union and re-bonding process i.e. to fall in love again because a long period of separation would have made the couple become strangers to each other
4) A ready market of love without responsibility whereby people can co-habit or simply have sex with each other willy nilly
5) Marriages of convenience where one or both partners aim to gain something after which they can easily walk out of that so-called marital union
6) The upward mobility of women as they progress professionally whilst their spouses stagnate due to reasons best known to themselves
7) Changing gender roles by default whereby women become breadwinners whilst the men become house technicians thus reduce their ego and ability to be in control as is expected in African culture.


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  1. charles matiba

    August 1, 2015 at 08:12

    This is very true pastor good research but also the laws in this country over protect women and too many rights which do conflict with our African values how can a married woman whom i paid lobola claim that she has been raped by her husband?

  2. Mabwe

    August 5, 2015 at 02:44

    Some times a couple will adopt aspects of the host culture to a different degree and that may cause conflict in the relationship. Men tend to struggle in terms of taking a more active role in parenting & spending time with the kids as UK culture demands – that may leave the women over burdened with parenting & household responsibilities.


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