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Isaiah is conveying a word of encouragement to a community he addresses as the ‘Daughters of Zion’ who are interchangeably called ‘Daughters of Jerusalem’. The prophet is addressing the Israelites using feminine language of comfort and hope. The Daughters of Zion were wailing and weeping in the dust of Babylonian captivity. In Jewish day to day usage, ‘Daughter of Zion’ was a complementary title given to any beautiful woman. The term carried with it all the accolades of highest respect and honour. Modern commentators have extended its usage into the New Testament, citing Spiritual Daughters of Zion as those with the unfading inner beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit (1Peter 3:1-6). Anna the Prophetess also features highly as a woman of prayer hence a Daughter of Zion. Women disciples who followed Jesus Christ all the way to Calvary are the best example of Daughters of Zion the New Testament can furnish us. They were weeping and wailing all the way to the Cross, until Jesus told them not to weep for him but for themselves and their children. What lessons do we learn from these Daughters of Zion in the book of Isaiah?

1) Daughters of Zion are SHAKERS of dust/problems rather than accumulators of dust/problems. A story is told of a donkey which fell into a pit. People thought of burying it alive by throwing all sorts of junk. But whenever someone threw junk on it, the donkey shook off the junk. What was meant to bury the donkey became a blessing in disguise. When people throw accusations and gossip of all sorts at you, learn to shake it off. Refuse to accumulate dust over your life. Shake off the dust of DEPRESSION. Shake off the dust of DISCOURAGEMENT. Shake off the dust of DISTRESS. Shake off the dust of DESPAIR. Shake off the dust of DEMONS. Shake off the dust of DISEASE. Shake off the dust of DEATH. The list is endless.
2) Daughters of Zion are RISERS over whatever circumstance rather than survivors under whatever circumstance. Its one thing to shake off the dust, its another thing to step up to the next level. Change your language from negativity to positivity. I declare a RISE & RISE season for every Daughter of Zion. You shall not be static, but you shall rise to greater heights. You have the capacity and the velocity to rise. God sent an Ebed-Melech to help Jeremiah to rise out of the pit. God will always have an Ebed-Melech for his rescue plan for you.
3) Daughters of Zion are MOVERS with hope for the future rather than campers who wail in dispair. Its one thing to RISE UP but its yet another thing to MOVE ON. Are you aware that Terah, Abraham’s father was the first to set out of Ur of the Chaldeans en-route Canaan. But when he and his crew came to Haran they dwelt there. Sadly the Bible then says that Terah died in Haran (Genesis 11:31-32). There are many who purpose to go to Canaan but they settle in Haran and eventually die there. Setbacks and heartbreaks at Haran have made many daughters of Zion not to move on. Some are failing to move on because of continually looking in the rear view mirror. They are busy mourning about their painful past. Even God was worried about Samuel’s prolonged mourning about Saul and he instructed him to rise and go to anoint one of Jesse’s sons as King in the place of Saul. Learn to let bygones be bygones and move on with your life.
Check out these SHAKERS, RISERS AND MOVERS in the Bible. You are not alone.

# Ruth shook off the dust of widowhood, rose up and moved on

# Mephibosheth shook off the dust of disability and inability, rose up and moved on 

# Jabez shook off the dust of pain and poverty, rose up and moved on

# The bleeding woman shook off the dust of sickness, rose up and moved on

# Hannah shook off the dust of barrenness, rose up and moved on

# Peter shook off the dust of prison chains, rose up and moved on

# The prodigal son shook off the dust of destitution, rose up and moved on

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