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There has been a popularisation of PROPHECY in the Christian community these days especially in the African environment. It is not surprising that a lot of preachers are succumbing to this phenomenon hence the use of the title PROPHET as opposed to other ministerial titles. For unknown reasons to this writer, this title has attracted preferential and reverential treatment from parishioners across the entire Christian Community. The popular view is that PROPHETS are a cut above the rest of the Preachers. However a few decades ago, this title was a byword associated with African Initiated Churches which originated from the rural areas in Africa. The use of the term PROPHET has now become the official trademark by some of the new crop of Urban Elite Preachers whose ministries have become an attraction to the rich and famous. The aim of this particular series is to raise an appreciation of BIBLICAL PROPHECY so as to protect its sanctity and importance to Christianity. By so doing it is hoped that believers would be able to discern genuine Prophecy vis-a-vis its hijackers.
Biblical Prophets were men and women who had the ability to hear what God or the Spirit of God was saying (PROPHETIC AUDIOLOGY). They also had the ability to see what God or the Spirit of God was revealing (PROPHETIC VISIOLOGY). Furthermore, they had the ability to articulate or prophesy the will of God to the people (PROPHETIC ORATORY). The focus of this article is PROPHETIC VISIOLOGY. 
Prophets of old valued the importance of MOVING TO A PLACE OF BETTER VIEW in order to have Prophetic Vision/Visiology. Prophet Habakkuk says that I will stand at my watchtower, I will look to see what he will say to me. During this era, Prophets were viewed as Watchmen who stood on high places on city walls where they had a better view of coming danger. Mount Horeb was a place of better view for Moses and Elijah. Mount Moriah was a place of better view for Abraham. The roof of Simon the tanner’s house was a place of better view for Apostle Peter. The desert was a place of better view for Apostle Paul. For Peter, James and John, Mount of Transfiguration was their place of better view. Even eagles mount up to greater heights in search of a place of better view. Could it be that all the turbulent winds i.e. trials and tribulations you are facing are actually lifting you to a place of better view? The place where you commune with God is your place of better view. True prophets spent much of their time communing with God i.e. PROPHETIC COUNCIL. It is my humble opinion that God is raising a Prophetic Community of ordinary believers with no prophetic titles to their CVs. They are strategically placed to have a better view of what God is doing in these last days through Market Place Evangelism i.e. preaching the gospel in the workplace. Blessed are the Pastors who are equipping such prophetic communities to do the work of ministry in these last days.
In Part 2 of this series I argue that if you are at the place of better view, you will have the ability to see what is behind you (HINDSIGHT), you will have the ability to see what surrounds you (INSIGHT) and you will have the ability to see what is ahead of you (FORESIGHT). For now I rest my case.


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2 responses to “MOVING TO A PLACE OF BETTER VIEW (Habakkuk 2:1-3)

  1. Angella Chimhau

    January 2, 2017 at 07:17

    Amen Pastor, this is powerful

  2. Child of God

    January 2, 2017 at 13:34

    Amen Man of God. This is a word in season, Isaiah 42:9.
    The season for the Daniels , the ‘go getters’ of the promises of God!


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