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In my previous article I introduced the topic: MOVING TO A PLACE OF BETTER VIEW. It is true to say that Prophets were men and women who always went to a place of solitude in search of a better view of life and its meaning. They took time away from the community to be with God. They would then come back with a prophetic message from God to the community hence the statement ‘Thus saith the Lord’. Prophets of old never spoke a message of their own but only that which proceeded from the mouth of God. As I write this article I am appalled by some of the outrageous prophecies being spoken by so-called Prophets who in my view are MAGICIANS who have found a ready market to make it in life. Some of the practices by these prophetic movements have become an eyesore to the Body of Christ. How did the Prophets of old get their message from the Lord? The main secret is that they stood in the COUNCIL OF YAHWEH i.e. they had a prophetic dialogue with Yahweh (Jeremiah 23:18). Genuine prophetic ministry begins in the presence of God where you become God’s CONFIDANTE with whom he shares his secret plans (Amos 3:7). Surely the Lord does nothing without revealing his plans to his servants the Prophets. Being a mouthpiece of DIVINE DELIBERATIONS should not be taken cheaply or casually as what is happening in some religious communities. A prophet has to understand the heart and mind of God as well as being a meticulous COURIER/MESSENGER of the Most High God. When he says, ‘THUS SAYS THE LORD’, it must be God speaking. This calls for integrity and truthfulness from every prophet with a genuine Prophetic Mandate to the nations. 

I am of the opinion that when a prophet or any child of God gets to the place of better view, they are able to see what is behind them (Hindsight), what surrounds them (Insight) and what is ahead of them (Foresight). In other words they can have a pictorial view of the past, the present and the future through visions, revelations and/or dreams. This is a holistic approach to prophecy. 

PROPHETIC HINDSIGHT is essential to the Prophetic Community (Church) and to individual members therein. Hindsight helps us to see what is behind us. It is always beneficial to look into the rear view mirror once in a while. Hindsight is the ability to objectively reflect at life in retrospect and draw lessons from past experiences. Those who take seriously the importance of hindsight are called REFLECTIVE PRACTITIONERS. Old Testament Prophets always evaluated the circumstances of the Israelites in light of their past Covenant relationship with God or any breach of such a Covenant leading to devastating consequences. There are advantages of hindsight in the life of the Church in general and to each individual Christian in particular. The list is endless but check out the following:
# Hindsight helps us to avoid the avoidable i.e. past mistakes or things we should STOP DOING

# Hindsight helps us to make an inventory of what we could have done differently i.e. smart analysis

# Hindsight helps us to know how we got to where we are now and how to set sail into the future

# Hindsight helps us to critically evaluate future options i.e. what we need to START DOING

# Hindsight helps us to take responsibility of our failures which influences us to do better, thus lead us to celebrate future success

# Hindsight helps us not to mourn about our past but to pick up our pieces, shake off the dust and move on i.e. RELEASE THE PAST AND GRAB THE FUTURE

# Hindsight helps us to realise that not all losses are a loss but that some losses lead to GAIN

# Hindsight helps us to observe that counterfeit prophets were there in the past, will be there in the present and will always be there in the future hence the need to be VIGILANT
The third and final article in this series will deal with Prophetic Insight and Prophetic Foresight. But other articles on Prophecy shall be posted under other designated titles. I rest my case.

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