13 Jan

Last time we noted that when you get to a place of better view, you are able to see what is behind i.e. HINDSIGHT. The second thing we want to deal with is that when you get to the place of better view, you will be able to see what surrounds you i.e. INSIGHT. This is about understanding the times. The sons of Issachar were men who understood the times and what Israel ought to do. Prophets were men/women who understood or interpreted the times and they advised Kings on what to do. Even Joseph stands out as a man with prophetic insight which helped Pharaoh to prepare for the projected season of famine. The etymology of the Hebrew word to PROPHESY/NABA means one who speaks for another i.e. a communicator and interpreter of Yahweh’s will. This mode of prophesying is known as FORTH-TELLING. Yahweh’s will can only be taught precept by precept until we exhaust the whole counsel of God. The Prophet could also function as a communicator of Yahweh’s future plans i.e. FORETELLING which came as a result of FORESIGHT as we shall see later. Biblical Prophecy was primarily forth-telling rather than foretelling. Most prophets in the Bible were men and women of great insight who functioned as teachers, preachers, defenders and guardians of True Religion and had the courage to boldly confront apostasy and injustice in society. Furthermore they were known to be HOLY MEN hence the term MAN OF GOD in that they personified the sacred in a profane world. Prophet Amos is an example of prophets who challenged injustice which existed in society that time. He addressed the Ruling Elite and their lieutenants who were oppressing the poor as COWS OF BASHAN (Amos 4:1-3). In Bible times Bashan was a place with green grass hence the cattle which grazed in Bashan tended to be much fatter than other cows. It is sad to say that we modern prophets have become COWS OF BASHAN par excellence and no wonder why we have ceased to be the voice of the voiceless and watchdogs of democracy. It suffices to say that we are living at a time when prophets should continually go to the place of better view in order to understand the changing times thus become more relevant to the communities God has called us to serve.

As a way of summarising, INSIGHT is knowledge and understanding derived from inward sight or perception. Insight gives us the following advantages:

# Insight helps you to discern the opportune moment or the right wave upon which one can ride into the future. (With this the Shunamite woman made room for a miracle in her life).

# Insight helps you to strategically position yourself for what the future holds.

# Insight enables you to sharpen your axe so that you work smarter rather than work harder.

# Insight helps you to be a creator of things rather than just a consumer of things.

# Insight enables you to discover your roadmap to destiny.

# Insight helps you to interpret and respond to the present real life situations.

The third thing which happens if you get to the place of better view is that you are able to see what is ahead of you i.e. FORESIGHT. This is the ability to predict or foretell the future and make strategic plans for it. Foresight may also be understood as the ability to think ahead (Strategic Foresight). In modern terminology Prophets may rightfully be called Consulting Futurologists. May God raise prophets who are there to give strategic direction to the Church and society. While I understand that there exists a spiritual realm which affects us, I am terribly disappointed with some of our African prophets who see demons behind every tree and marine spirits where there are no rivers. Some of them mistakenly think that prophecy is about telling people their home address, bank pin numbers or the order of furniture in their houses. These kinds of magical practices have put the Church into disrepute the world over. What the Church and society needs is a SPECIAL FUTURE in God and in life. 

Listed below are the advantages of Prophetic Foresight:
# Foresight improves the quality of decision making (Focus on the grapes and not the giants).

# Foresight helps you to avoid hazards and sinkholes set up in your way (Paul and the Shipwreck Acts 27:10-11).

# Foresight improves the ability to react to situations wisely.

# Foresight enhances the capacity to interpret and respond to change.

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