THE THREE HABITS OF UNCOMMON GIVERS (2Cor.9:6-7, Luke 6:38, Mal.3:10-12, Prov.3:9)

16 Jan

Whenever we start a new year a lot of Churches take the month of January as a Spiritual Emphasis month where Christians pray and fast for a minimum of ten days. This is a noble thing to do. Furthermore some Christian communities practise the seeding principle whereby parishioners and the clergy give what is now known as FIRST-FRUITS (Proverbs 3:9). However there are concerns from some circles of Christendom that those who promote the seeding of first-fruits are fleecing innocent congregants. This article serves to protect the sanctity of giving against its opponents and that those who do it delightfully/cheerfully to extend the Kingdom of God will never go wrong. The good Lord in heaven is going to bless them big time. I am of the opinion that God doesn’t like our money unless we delight in giving it. The worst thing we Preachers should avoid is to coerce people to give because by so doing some may give grudgingly and under compulsion thus lose out on the blessing and delight of giving (2Corinthians 9:6-7).

In my recent research I discovered that the Church needs uncommon givers who practice three habits in their giving to the Kingdom of God. These are the kind of givers any Congregation with a Kingdom mandate can bank on. The first habit of uncommon givers is that they give PROPORTIONALLY. This is about tithing a legitimate ten percent of their income monthly. Such a crop of givers is a rare commodity but such people are there in every congregation. Some have often asked whether they should tithe from their gross or net salary. The simplest answer to that is, do they delight in giving God. Alternatively it depends whether you want GROSS blessings or NET blessings. Ability to tithe shows how much you trust God to bless you as you live on ninety percent of your salary. I have got good news and good news for proportional givers. Proportional giving CREATES blessings and wealth. The second habit of uncommon givers is that they also give FREQUENTLY through offerings. The beauty of offerings is that they CONNECT you to blessings and wealth. The third habit of uncommon givers is that they also participate in giving SEASONALLY i.e. at the beginning of each new year being the start of a new season. These are they who give their FIRST-FRUITS. The advantage of first-fruits is that they ATTRACT blessings and wealth. 

I have three prayers for all uncommon givers wherever they are in the Christian Community. May the good Lord give you a QUANTUM LEAP in your financial life. The concept of quantum leap emanates from the sciences which means: sudden increase, significant change, dramatic advance, an abrupt change, a great improvement, fast progress, a big move forward. May God give you a quantum leap like destitute Mephibosheth, from Lo-Debar to the Palace. May God give you a quantum leap like the frustrated fishermen who after a night of nothingness, they had boat-sinking and net-breaking blessings in broad daylight. My second prayer is: may your life bring QUANTUM EFFECT to society. In other words God blesses you to become a blessing. The blessings from your first-fruits, tithes and offerings should have a ripple effect on many souls. My last prayer is: may God give you QUANTUM GRACE being the ability to handle wealth wisely and prudently. This is the grace of remaining sober and humble in the midst of plenty. Be blessed as you financially support God’s work in your local congregation.

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