17 Jan

I have been compelled to reshare this article (REVISED VERSION) because of the abuse I am seeing on various social platforms these days. There is so much deadly venom being secreted by Church folks against other Church folks. Some have upped their game to even viciously judge even the dead in Christ. Truth be told, in a real world with real people one cannot be expected to agree with every view. No two people on this earth will agree on every discourse even those who are married and are head-over-heels in love. Let it be known that disagreeing on some issues and perspectives is part of healthy human interactions. As a blogger, I am fully aware that not everyone agrees with my views. I would not be surprised that some people may be highly critical of my views in as much as I have seen other people’s articles to be unpalatable (of course in my view). What is unpalatable to me does not mean it is unpalatable to you. One wise man from old said to someone, ‘I will defend your right to express yourself even if I disagree with what you say’. Isn’t it amazing that people from different religions do disagree on religious issues even if they all believe in the worship of a Supreme Being i.e. God. Mainline Churches disagree on some points with Charismatics and Pentecostals vice versa. Even my Pentecostal friends differ radically with each other on issues of doctrine and practices. Political parties have their own disagreements on political, social and economic issues. Masculine and feminine views of life are different. There are differing perspectives on democracy and governance between the so-called First World and Third World. Young people differ with those of us from the Old School. They view our ideas about life as outdated, archaic, ancient, old fashioned and out of step with modernity. The list is endless. It is unfair to judge and condemn each other based on trivial or even fundamental issues. Having differing views is not a licence to hate other people. There is a time when we need to appreciate diversity hence the virtue of AGREEING TO DISAGREE or DISAGREEING AGREEABLY. But there are some intolerant people especially from some religious and political communities. Such people think that their opinions are dogmatic and final and every other person has to shape up or ship out. Most often because of this radicalised temperament, having a different opinion over theirs gives them the right to DISRESPECT you, the right to SHAME you and even the right to PERSECUTE OR KILL you. Sadly so to speak, social media has become a ready tool to TARNISH those with a different perspective. I am of the opinion that DISRESPECT of any form is not acceptable especially disrespect which emanates from differing perspectives and views. DISAGREE YES, DISRESPECT NO NO NO!!!!

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  1. pmugwagwa

    December 19, 2014 at 09:56

    Thats very true. It is written we correct one another in love


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