ITS ABOUT TO RAIN: I HEAR IT, I SEE IT AND I SPEAK IT (1Kings 18:1,41-46, Jeremiah 4:3)

22 Jan

The prophetic word I have for the Church is ITS ABOUT TO RAIN. This sharing is based upon the story of Elijah and the people of Israel under the kingship of King Ahab whose foreign wife Jezebel had caused Israel to sin by making them worship baal the fertility god. In the previous chapter (1Kings 17) Elijah had declared a three and half year drought as punishment for Israel for forsaking Yahweh the true God and bowing down to baal gods. For three and half years heaven was silent, closed and locked. At this juncture God tells Elijah to show himself to King Ahab because God was about to send rain on earth. The same prophet who had locked the heavens from pouring rain, now needed to unlock the heaven to produce rain. 

Elijah had to do three things for rain to come. Firstly he said, ‘I can hear the sound of abundance of rain’. For you to be able to hear the sound of abundant rain, your ears need to be tuned to the Spirit. This is the ability to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church, I call it PROPHETIC AUDIOLOGY. I stand in the shoes of Prophet Elijah and I declare that ITS ABOUT TO RAIN. This rain will cause a mighty flood of REVIVAL across denominational lines thus remove the little ponds of religiosity which divide us. This will phase out the season of drought and famine and usher in the season of plenteous harvest of souls for the Kingdom. Whilst Elijah heard the sound of abundance of rain in the inside, the outside registered a different reality. So Elijah sent his servant to go and look to the sea. Prophet Elijah had heard the sound of abundance of rain in the inside and his servant had to go and look for the sign of rain. By going several times, he had to monitor the progress of the coming rain. In the School of Prophets, we do not only need PROPHETIC AUDIOLOGY but PROPHETIC VISIOLOGY too. On the seventh trip the servant saw what was in line with what the prophet was hearing. He saw a small cloud the size of a man’s hand. In the spirit of the servant of Elijah I come to you with a good report that ITS ABOUT TO RAIN. There is a small cloud in the air but its LOADED WITH ABUNDANCE OF RAIN. When you hear it and see it, the next thing is that you have got to speak it. Prophets and Apostles of old spoke what they HEARD and what they SAW. Forth-telling and fore-telling i.e. PROPHETIC ORATORY/SPEECH should only come from what you have heard from the Lord and what the Lord has shown you. In the spirit of Elijah, I speak rain, I preach rain and I prophesy rain. 

When you have heard the prophetic word that ITS ABOUT TO RAIN you must make a WHAT TO DO LIST as you wait for the rain. If you really believe that we are at the verge of receiving the outpouring of LATTER RAIN then I urge you to take seriously the WHAT TO DO LIST below:
This is the opportune time to pray for rain. Zechariah (10:1) says that we should pray for rain in the season of latter rain. Prophet Elijah sat in a birthing position and prayed for the rain whose sound he could hear in the inside. Shift your gears of prayer through fasting, thanksgiving, praise and warfare praying. 
Elijah used a girdle to gird up his loins. Jewish men always did this to gain greater freedom and movement to work, walk, run or fight. This practice eventually became a metaphor for PREPAREDNESS. A modern term with similar connotations is to ‘roll up your sleeves’. The coming of rain signals the time to work. May the Church be prepared for a great harvest which shall demand that we go an extra mile in doing God’s work. Get ready for rain.
Both Hosea and Jeremiah speak about breaking up our FALLOW GROUND. In agriculture, fallow ground is known to be unusable in that state unless the farmer ploughs it. Fallow ground does not have the capacity to receive rain. There are lots of thorns, thistles and weeds in fallow ground. Could it be that we are more useful to God if we are broken? Its about to rain, therefore we must clear the rubble in our lives. Its to shun the wrong and do the right.
In anticipation of the coming rain we should enlarge our barns so that we increase our storage space. Capacity is about what you are able to receive or to contain. The Prophet’s widow had to borrow containers to contain the much needed blessing of oil. The Shunamite woman had to extend her house in order to make room for the man of God Elisha. King Jehoshaphat’s army under the instruction of prophet Elisha had to dig ditches to contain the much needed water. Jabez prayed for territorial enlargement in his life. 

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