06 Feb

There is an old adage that says, HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. But I would like to demystify this view and declare that HURT PEOPLE HEAL PEOPLE. This adage comes from Behavioural Psychologists from which a lot of sermons have been preached using this social scientific view and then pasting a few isolated Bible verses to support this theory. I am equally guilty of perpetuating this lie which victimises the victim leading to double tragedy. While there are some elements of truth in these psychological findings, I find it dangerous to swallow these views hook line and sinker. We need to take these views with a pinch of salt. In this discourse of the cycle of pain and hurt patterns being passed on from generation to generation, nothing is said about the INITIAL PERPETRATORS OF HURT. They are left to roam the streets of life scotfree. 
Here is how the theory of HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE is crafted:

# Emotionally hurt people tend to inflict their pain on others

# Hurt people interpret every word spoken and every action made to them in light of their past pain i.e. They tend to be sensitive and suspicious

# Hurt people can easily get infuriated due to emotional flashbacks from the past

# Hurt people often portray themselves as victims of circumstances

# Hurt people alienate themselves leading to self destructive behaviour
It is true to say that the broken sometimes have SPIKY EDGES but it goes without saying that we by virtue of being human, we all have SPIKY EDGES. The problem was observed by our Lord in that we find it easy to see a speck in someone’s eyes but we deliberately ignore the logs in our own eyes. Its amazing how sympathetic we are with ourselves but very hard on other people. I am of the opinion that hurt people heal people because they have walked on the Golgotha road. If you have never been been hurt, you are not likely to be able to heal and restore hurt people. Similarly hurt people who allow hurts to reside in their memory will also find it difficult to heal people. It is those who have been HURT & HEALED who can heal others. Our Lord Jesus Christ was hurt in order to bring us healing. Isaiah rightfully says that he was a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief and by his wounds we are healed. He goes on to say that it was the Lord’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer. Could it be that this new Beatitude says it all: BLESSED ARE THE CRACKED FOR THEY LET LIGHT IN. God used a cracked Joseph to help his brothers who had hurt him to get food in a time of famine. It was his brothers who doubted Joseph’s sincerity hence his answer to them: You meant it for evil but God turned it for good. God used a cracked Esau to forgive his brother Jacob who had cheated him big time. Furthermore God used a cracked, segregated and hurt Samaritan to heal a wounded Jew when his own fellow Jews who were Priest and Levite by rank shunned him. The list is endless but it suffices to say that HURT PEOPLE HEAL PEOPLE. HURT, HEALED AND HEALING PEOPLE should be your motto.


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