14 Feb

In pursuit of hearing the voice of God, may I take your attention to the common story of Jesus’ visit at the home of Martha, Mary and Lazarus. Jesus was very close to this family hence the visit and the hospitality offered. The description of how Martha ran around making preparations for her visitors reflects that Jesus had a large entourage with him. Martha was working so hard to make her visitors to be comfortable. But ironically her sister Mary instead of helping with household chores, she sat at the feet of Jesus listening to what Jesus had to say. This did not go down well with Martha hence her request for Jesus’ intervention on this matter. Instead of intervention Jesus commended Mary for choosing something better unlike Martha who was troubled with many things.  From this story we deduce that being a hands-on person in God’s work is a good thing. Like Martha many of us are real WORKAHOLICS or busybodies for Jesus. We are very busy DOING God’s work. However we are being called to something better which Mary did i.e. BEING in the presence of the Lord LISTENING to what he has to say. Could it be that we like Prophet Elijah need to move away from Mount Carmel, a place for WORKAHOLICS to Mount Horeb a place for LISTENERS? Please be reminded that the Juniper Tree Experience by Prophet Elijah when he contemplated death was a clear case of BURN OUT. Getting too busy in God’s Vineyard without taking a break to rest awhile can have devastating consequences over our SPIRITUAL PROFUNDITY. Surely we will be more effective and more useful in the place of DOING if we spend more time in the place of BEING. Listed below are a few keys to unlock your ability to hear the voice of God in the place of BEING:
# Release all the weighty burdens of life’s challenges whenever you enter into the Lord’s presence
# God speaks to those who choose to hear, therefore choose to hear with your inner ears of the Spirit
# Create a conducive environment of hearing the voice of God by going to a place of solitude
# Develop a daily interactive and conversational relationship with God through QUIET TIME
# Have a servant spirit i.e. One who waits upon the Lord in confident expectation and alertness to receive from the Lord
# Watch out for God’s spoken word (RHEMA) tailor-made for you to POP OUT through preaching, spontaneous thought, catchy statements, dreams, visions, trances, pictures, impressions etc
# Allow a reciprocal working relationship between your inner ears (PROPHETIC AUDIOLOGY) and your inner eyes (PROPHETIC VISIOLOGY)
# Always remember that God’s communication is from Spirit to spirit and never Spirit to flesh because what is born of the flesh is flesh and what is born of the Spirit is spirit
# Warning!!! God’s prophetic word should bring HOPE rather than fear, it should CONVICT rather than condemn and it should be CLINICAL rather than critical
# Make sure that any prophetic word you receive does not dismiss, contradict, replace or elevate itself above SCRIPTURE
# Keep a JOURNAL of what God shows you (THE POP OUT RHEMA) dating it as a prophetic record for future confirmation of Prophetic Fulfilment
# Pray for the Nathan type of prophetic wisdom whether to tell it, how to tell it, who to tell it, when to tell it and where to tell it

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