WEAKNESS VERSUS WICKEDNESS (Matthew 26:14-16, Psalm 51)

02 Mar

Recently I was reading a book by Pastor Jamal Bryant entitled ‘World War Me’. In his foreword to this book, Bishop TD Jakes highlights that there is a distinction between weakness and wickedness. This got me thinking hence this short discourse. In my Christian walk within the spirit-filled and tongue-talking Pentecostal community I was too naive to realise that one could find wicked people among its ranks. Unfortunately the existence of wicked people in the Christian community is a painful reality. It goes without saying that we also have well-meaning believers who have a lot of weaknesses to deal with. However I am of the opinion that its easier to handle, help or restore a person with a weakness than dealing with a wicked person. A Christian with a weakness at least knows Christ but a wicked person does not know Christ and worse still, he is Anti-Christ. A weak Christian may mess up big time but because they have a good heart, they will always find their way out of their mess. Weakness has to do with falling short of good intentions whereas wickedness has to do with actions that are purposefully and intentionally geared to cause harm or evil on others.
Without taking the road of negativity too far, even among the twelve disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, one of them Judas Iscariot was a wicked man. He went to the Chief Priests to ask what he would get if he betrayed Jesus. After getting thirty pieces of silver he waited for an opportunity to hand over Jesus to his captors. The actions of Judas can be classified as wickedness of a higher order because it led to the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ.
On the other hand we have King David, a man after God’s heart messing up by taking Bathsheba Uriah’s wife. This was a clear case of sexual weakness (adultery) but the difference is that King David had a repentant and contrite heart. 
I have come to a point where I have concluded that wicked people are capable of doing anything hence the damage they can cause to the Body of Christ need not be underestimated. We are living in the last days which our Lord Jesus Christ foresaw the following, ‘Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of many will grow cold’ (Matthew 24:12). The demon of wickedness must be exorcised out of the Church. Check out some the behaviours and tell-tell signs of wicked people:

# Wicked people are self-righteous, judgemental, fault-finding and record-keepers of wrong

# Wicked people are rebellious, ruthless, arrogant, aggressive and confrontational

# Wicked people are control freaks bent on manipulating people and systems through deception and blatant lies

# Wicked people thrive in slandering, sowing discord, rumour-mongering and gossip

# Wicked people have the art of flattery through smooth and persuasive speeches

# Wicked people specialise in putting spanners in the works on any good thing that needs to be done

# Wicked people worm their way into other people’s affairs uninvited

# Wicked people are spin doctors who are good at self-referencing and image sprucing as a cover-up of their evil actions

# Wicked people have no conscience or remorse over the evil and pain they inject on others; instead they find joy in causing pain, discord, division and disharmony

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