SET ON HIGH BY THE MOST HIGH (Deuteronomy 28:1)

08 Mar

The prophetic message I have for you is that you are about to be SET ON HIGH BY THE MOST HIGH. He is raising you from shame to double honour. God is about to make you A CUT ABOVE THE REST. This message was given to the people of Israel whose resume included being former slaves in Egypt for four hundred years and also had forty years of nomadic life in the wilderness. Deuteronomy 28:1 promises: It shall come to pass when you ENTER THE LAND…. But a condition is given i.e. If you FULLY OBEY THE LORD and CAREFULLY FOLLOW his commands…… The Lord will SET YOU HIGH above all nations. A lot of believers are quick to CLAIM the promises of God but are not prepared to make a PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to fully obey the Lord and carefully follow his commands. To all the God-fearing Christians, God is taking you into the realm of elevation. The Most High God is called JEHOVAH El ELYON meaning UPPERMOST OR HIGHEST. Going by the linguistics in the text, the Most High God will ELYON YOU (SET ON HIGH BY THE MOST HIGH) to participate in higher levels of life spiritually and materially. God was making them MOST HIGH among the nations in line with His promise to Abraham comprising a GREAT LAND, GREAT NAME AND GREAT PROGENY. This is a place of authority, honour and triumph. This is a place of thriving rather than just surviving. But being set on high by the Most High does not in any way make you equal with God or give you capacity to contest with God like Lucifer. Elevation is a grace thing. This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes (Psalm 118:23). 

The writer of Deuteronomy then goes on to extrapolate what being SET ON HIGH BY THE MOST HIGH entails in real life situations in the land (Deuteronomy 28:2-14). This is about being blessed by the Most High God. An analysis of the blessings shows us that God’s blessings come in shapes and sizes. He speaks of City and Country blessings which when translated means thriving businesses in the city and agricultural success in the countryside. May City and Country blessings be your portion. May increase and abundance on all necessities of life be your portion. May God give you victory and supremacy over your enemies. May safety be your portion in your going in and going out i.e. JOURNEY MERCIES. May the MIDAS TOUCH be your portion in everything you undertake to do. May prominence be your portion as you will be the head and not the tail and as you will be at the top and never at the bottom. May you be a HEAD TALLER than the rest like Saul. May you be ten times better like the four Hebrew boys. May you step into higher life like Mephibosheth. May you be elevated from the prison to the palace like Joseph. May you occupy the place of royalty like Queen Esther. 

Let me conclude by citing why Jewish people continue to be a cut above the rest wherever they are. For the purposes of this presentation I will only share three reasons why they are successful. Firstly they believe that real wealth is portable…its in our heads. Take a Jew to Africa, he will thrive there. Take a Jew to Antarctica, he will thrive there. The principle is simple and clear: Carry your brains with you wherever you go. They also believe that wealth must be passed on to children. They introduce their children to five secrets of blessings namely: TITHING, OFFERING, SAVING, INVESTING AND SPENDING. This is an open secret: from any amount earned, there is enough money for a tithe, offering, saving, investment and spending. Finally Jewish people argue that if you take care of your own and they will take care of you. This is about investing in and empowering others especially your own children. The Shona people of Zimbabwe have a proverb which resonates with this principle. It says, CHIRERE CHIGOZOKURERAWO. YOU ARE A CUT ABOVE THE REST, SET ON HIGH BY THE MOST HIGH.

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