04 Apr

We noted in part 1 of this presentation that God has a habit of hiding things of value and that such pearls of great price are not hidden from us but are actually hidden for us. For this reason it is necessary for us to have the ability to locate, decode and download what God has in store for us. The ability to locate where your blessings are sealed is about discovering, unearthing, pinpointing, uncovering, searching out and sniffing out. May the Lord give you the anointing of a sniffer or detection dog which uses its senses to locate things by sniffing. I am sniffing the climate of favour in the air. God is shifting some people from the dungeon of shame to a place of double honour. May the Lord give you the stereoscopic visual acuity and enlarged visual field of the eagle which can locate prey as small as a rabbit 3.2 km away and can swiftly come down and snatch it away in a twinkling of an eye. Your spiritual eyes shall not suffer low visual acuity or macular degeneration. You shall see visions of things that are sealed from the generality of mankind. Just like Caleb you shall locate your heritage and declare, ‘GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN which the Lord promised me on that day’ (Joshua 14:12).

Its one thing to locate the place where your blessings are hidden, its another to have the ability to decode and download. Remember that wherever great blessings are located, it is common knowledge that such a place is deliberately sealed with coded language hence the need for SEAL BREAKER ANOINTING. This is where revelation knowledge and ability to understand mysteries comes into play. What you failed to achieve by your intelligence, you shall achieve by supernatural revelation. God is calling you to go to A PLACE OF BETTER VIEW where you are going to see your destiny with spiritual eyes. This gives you the power to decrypt concealed information. For your own information, all you need to decode your blessings is contained in an ancient book called the bible. May you be found worthy to decode your blessings just as The Lion of Judah was found worthy to open the scroll and its seven seals in the book of Revelation (Revelation 5:4-5). Once you have decoded that which is encoded it means ACCESS GRANTED. This is your season to download your blessings. Downloading is about moving your blessings from the Spirit realm to the physical realm. A lot of Christians have the ability to spot their blessings in the Spirit realm but they live a life of lack simply because they are not able to decode and download their stuff. This is like driving a top of the range mercedes benz in the dream world only to be awakened from such a blissful moment and be faced by reality. But as you download your blessings, beware of cyber attacks from the Prince of Persia, the devil who wants to block or hack your answered prayers in cyberspace (Daniel 10:13).

Check out these bible characters who located, decoded and downloaded their blessings:

The bleeding woman’s healing was sealed in the hem of Jesus’ garment

The widow of Zarephath’s blessing was sealed in a jar of flour and a jug of oil

The Prophet’s widow had her blessing sealed in a little bottle of oil

The Shunamite woman’s blessing was sealed in Prophet Elisha

The five thousand crowd’s lunch was sealed in a little boy’s lunchbox

Elijah’s abundant rain was sealed in a small cloud

The day of Pentecost was sealed in the book of Joel chapter two

King Jehoshaphat’s water was sealed in a valley which he needed to dig ditches

Samson’s strength to fight against the Philistines was sealed in his dreadlocks

The deliverance of Israel from Harman’s threat was sealed in an orphan girl called Esther

Elisha’s double portion was sealed in Elijah’s mantle

The ministry of Jesus Christ was sealed in Isaiah 61

Mephibosheth’s blessing was sealed in a friendship covenant between his father Jonathan and David


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