16 Aug

One of the biggest killer diseases we avoid to talk about is DENIALITIS. Psychologists define it as a psychological defence mechanism in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality. It is a deliberate refusal or unwillingness to accept that one has a problem or an unavoidable reality. Denialitis is the quickest escape route from accepting bad news of any kind like being diagnosed with cancer, HIV/AIDS or any other life threatening ailments. Such news leaves us wishing it was just a dream from which you wake up and say thank God it was just a dream. 
Christianity has taught us to have a positive outlook to life hence we make positive decrees and declarations about our well-being. This discussion is not meant to rebut that way of looking at life and dealing with issues. But this writer proposes that denialism closes the doors of hope and possible interventions against a pending life threatening situation if its ignored for too long. A problem recognised is a problem half-solved. The quicker you acknowledge that you are in a muddy place, the quicker you are likely to get help. For example people living with HIV/AIDS die more from denialitis rather than from the actual infection. All things being equal those who recognise their HIV status and quickly seek medication are assured of long life unlike those who deliberately refuse to accept reality. Check out what DENIALITIS can do to you:
# Denialitis makes you to stick your head into the sand so as to avoid painful realities

# Denialitis makes you to sweep your problems under the carpet so that on the outside nothing is broken and nothing is missing

# Denialitis makes you to live a lie and play hypocrite in the presence of other people but when you are alone reality breaks you big time

# Denialitis makes you to live a self-sabotaging and self-fooling lifestyle

# Denialitis affects your ability to make informed choices and it also deliberately prevents you from making informed choices

# Denialitis prevents you from taking appropriate actions at the appropriate time

# Denialitis ruins your vertical relationship with God and your horizontal relationships with other people

# Denialitis causes uncontrolled mood swings due to emotional illiteracy

# Denialitis leads to low self-esteem, self-blame, self-hatred and social isolation

# Denialitis kills your health, your mental capacity, your well-being, your dreams and your destiny

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  1. Mutara. Ant

    August 17, 2017 at 05:24

    Practical and true..!


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