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Fatigue, toxic thoughts and burnout are a common feature in human existence and they are a reminder of our finitude. This is a condition which comes as a result of social, moral, political and religious contaminations. A lot has been said about air pollution in the atmosphere and plastic pollution in seas and oceans but little has been said about the damage being caused by social, moral, political and religious pollution to society. As long as we live in a polluted society, our lives are in danger of unsuspectingly consuming poison which is hazardous to our souls. As said earlier on, the results of these contaminations are people suffering from fatigue, toxic thoughts and burnout.

Prophet Elijah is a classic example of how fatigue, toxic thoughts and burnout can take a toll on our social, moral and spiritual lives. Burnout is like we are trying to make a car move on an empty tank. Elijah had just been in his HIGH SEASON with the demonstration of God’s power at Mount Carmel leading to the return of Israel back to God and the slaughtering of 450 baal prophets. This triggered the end of a three and half year drought and the beginning of a great economic and religious revival. However the dream of a new Israel was thwarted by a message from King Ahab’s wife Jezebel. Prophet Elijah was given a death threat with a twenty four hour notice. This toxic message swung the pendulum ushering in a LOW SEASON under a Juniper tree in the wilderness. All of a sudden, a brave prophet succumbed to the unsavoury speech of Jezebel. Consequently he entered into the PANIC MODE and its manifestations of toxic attitudes and behaviours. What caused this great man of God to have such mood swings from a high season to a low season? Listed below are eight common strategies the devil uses to inject toxic thoughts, fatigue and burnout into our souls;

1. The devil uses intimidations, bullying and threats to plant toxic thoughts of fear and defeat. When the devil (JEZEBEL) speaks intimidating, bullying and threatening words to you, speak back using scriptural authority.

2. The devil wants you to always be in flight rather than in fight hence Elijah ran for dear life. Never give your back to your enemy in flight, fight the good fight of faith.

3. The devil wants to ISOLATE you from other people just like Elijah who made a ninety mile journey into the wilderness and hid in a cave. Buffaloes are a force to reckon with against the lions as long as they stay in the group. One minute of isolation can be fatal to a buffalo and to you.

4. The devil controls you by making you to be under circumstances rather than over circumstances just as he made Elijah to go under a Juniper tree. Change your language from negative statements like UNDER WHATEVER CIRCUMSTANCE to OVER WHATEVER CIRCUMSTANCE.

5. The devil uses burnout to depreciate your value and your worth. Elijah confessed, I AM NO BETTER than my ancestors. No matter how much you squash a fifty pound note, it will never change its value. Your value is unchangeable; come wind, come storm, come rain, come haywire.

6. In the same vein as above, the devil makes you to become the WORST CRITIC of yourself. Do yourself a favour babe, speak better of yourself. Verbalise who you are: I am one of a kind, fearfully and wonderfully made. My level is a little lower than angels, set on high by the Most High. I am genetically designed to breakthrough etc.

7. The devil makes you to EXAGGERATE and MAGNIFY your problems. Elijah said, I AM THE ONLY ONE LEFT yet there were seven thousand people who had not bowed to the altar of baal. All your trials and tribulations are common to humanity and God has a way out of your burnout.

8. The devil’s ultimate aim is to make you SURRENDER your dream and vision. Elijah said, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, you better kill me Lord. You shall not die, but live to proclaim the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Do not die before your time.


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