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The other day I bumped into this American English idiom: LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS and it left me thinking about current settings in social media. This phrase simply means BEWARE OF UNGUARDED TALK. We are living in a world of uncensored social media which is highly populated with data miners and information diggers. It is suicidal for any individual, married couple, family, Church or even corporates and governments to leave their doors ajar in such a fragile environment. When marital doors are left ajar, that marriage is a recipe for disaster. When family doors are left ajar, that family is bound to disintegrate. When Church doors are left ajar, that Church will sooner or later have a credibility crisis. Wise individuals, wise couples, wise families and wise Church leaders and members deal with their issues under closed doors.

Truth be told, all humans have public life and private life to live. It is important to let what is private stay private because private issues are kept private for a good reason. Whilst social media platforms are good for a reason, we all need to be cautious when we use them. Washing dirty linen in public like taking marital, family or Church infirmities into the public arena may sound fashionable these days but it has long-term devastating consequences. Indulging in such malpractices will never achieve a WIN-LOSE outcome as some people may think but rather a LOSE-LOSE outcome where both become biggest losers.

Due to social media obsession, one wonders whether private life still exists. Good readers of the Bible will agree with me that some secrets are better kept away from our haters. Social media culture has a tendency to lure you to share everything about yourself and others. But once your private issues or the Church’s official secrets are in the public arena, its like you have opened a pandora box for everyone to viciously make their opinion of you and/or your Church. In other words social media amplifies the drama to levels you never imagined. The Bible says that we should not give the devil an opportunity or an open space, because if we do that, he will take over everything. Eve gave room to that old snake, the devil by sharing some juicy tidbits about the forbidden fruit and now we are in it together because we were born with this adamic nature which is prone to sin. Samson gave room to Delilah and trusted her with his valuable secrets to his anointing but she betrayed him by divulging everything to his enemies, the Philistines. A few lessons can be gleaned from Joseph’s attitude when he discovered that his wife-to-be: Mary was pregnant (This was just before the angel appeared to him). Matthew (1:19) says that Joseph did not want to expose her to public disgrace. He had in mind to divorce her quietly.

The writer of Proverbs (11:13) foresaw this social media madness when he said, “A talebearer/gossip betrays confidence by revealing secrets, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.” TALEBEARERS may be equated to modern day hawkers or vendors (but have no hawker’s licence) who openly and publicly spread/broadcast damaging information about others. In religious circles such malicious talk is sugar-coated with the name of God. Cliches like brother so and so or sister so and so needs our prayers is usually what is aired first, then the rest is talebearing. I am of the opinion that there is no godly reason one could put forward to justify talebearing. Unfortunately talebearers thrive at their craft because of willing TALE HEARERS who tolerate them. If I were to punish these two culprits, I would hang the talebearer by the MOUTH and the tale hearer by the EAR. Please be warned that WHEN DOORS OF YOUR PRIVATE LIFE ARE LEFT AJAR, talebearers are ready to feed the social media with damaging information. Similarly, if you have an obsession with social media its time to have a SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX. I rest my case.

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PILLARS, PILLOWS AND PARAMOURS (Galatians 2:9, Revelation 3:12)

Recently I have been amazed by Victorian buildings that are still standing here in the United Kingdom. Even back in Zimbabwe we still have a number of those historic structures dubbed Colonial Architecture. One common denominator about these buildings is that they have stood the test of time and one amazing thing about them are their pillars.

Could it be that we as humans need each other as reliable and supportive pillars of strength? Even the Church as a community of Faith needs believers who stand as pillars in God’s house. It takes more than one pillar to support a building. This implies that pillars are not meant to stand alone, they are better together. They serve God better together. The Apostle Paul who also eventually became a pillar in the Early Church acknowledges the Apostles Peter, James and John as men who were known to be top of the list pillars of the Church. These three Apostles had something in common. At their calling to participate in the Kingdom Mission of Christ they witnessed a miraculous catch of fish signalling that they were going to be fishers of men. They witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration where two major pillars of the Old Testament namely Moses and Elijah showed up. Furthermore, they were close to Jesus Christ in the garden of Gethsemane signalling that they would not only partake in his MISSION and his GLORY but also in his SUFFERING. With the advent of the Prosperity Gospel with its glamour and grandeur, drinking the cup of suffering with Christ is now frowned upon as archaic and out of step with popular hermeneutics.

The Apostle John envisages a prophetic double where you are to be a pillar here and a pillar in the hereafter when he says, “He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the Temple of my God…..”. Could it be that there is a marked difference between a PILLAR, a PILLOW and a PARAMOUR? More shall be covered on the role of a pillar but for now, let me deal with Pillow Christians and Paramour Christians. Pillows are used by all people to enjoy a better and comfortable sleep or rest without any strain or pain. Such is the role of Pillow Christians to others. But when a storm of hurricane force comes, they will be nowhere to be found because they can be swept away. Paramour Christians are not pillars but as their name denotes, they are there for what they can get and not what they can give. Paramour preachers use persuasive language to milk you dry and when a dry season comes your way, they also disappear into thin air.

What the Church needs are top of range pillars who stand on the solid and firm foundation of the Rock Jesus Christ. Such would be credible pillars of strength to their spouses, families, Church and the community at large. Listed below are the seven functions of Pillars in the House of God:

1. The primary function of a pillar is to SUPPORT a building hence they have load or weight bearing capacity. Christian pillars are there to carry the burden of the Church.

2. A pillar is designed to LAST in line with its function which is also designed to last. Some Christians are like SCAFFOLD i.e. they are only there for a season. Christian pillars must leave a legacy that is there to last. What memories are you leaving behind when you are long gone, dead and buried?

3. A pillar is designed to add STRENGTH to the building. Christian pillars have a ministry of encouraging and strengthening fellow soldiers in the battle. This is about giving solid counsel which moulds people into the image of Christ.

4. A pillar is designed to STAND and be immovable against all odds. Come wind, come storm, come rain, come earthquake a Christian pillar will remain standing.

5. A pillar is designed to be STRAIGHT and unbendable. This implies that Christian pillars must of necessity be upright, vertical or perpendicular in lifestyle. This is about leading a life that is right with God. Remember that a double-minded person is unstable in all his ways.

6. A pillar is designed to be STRATEGICALLY USEFUL. Pillars are strategically placed to function in a given role. God in his wisdom places different types of Christian pillars in strategic places for his glory. Ephesians 4:11f says, “And he gave some, apostles; and some prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers to equip his people for works of service….” The role you play in God’s house is not by accident but by God’s strategic design for you to add value in his Kingdom.

7. A pillar is also designed for ORNAMENTAL PURPOSES i.e. pillars are also there to display the beauty and goodness of the building. Christian pillars are there to display the beauty and goodness of Christianity. We are living testimonies of the goodness of God. You are one of a kind, fearfully and wonderfully made. You shall not be harangued by any satanic statements from the pit of hell. 1Peter 2:9 sums it all, “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light”.

While we may be pillars made of Acacia wood (FLESH), we are covered with gold (DIVINITY) meaning that we cannot stand on our own. May your life be overlaid with the power of the Holy Spirit (Exodus 36:36). You are neither a pillow nor a paramour. You are a pillar that is designed to last. I rest my case.

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YOUR STORYLINE IS NOT OVER (Psalm 118:13, Psalm 34:19)

The prophetic word I have for you is that YOUR STORYLINE IS NOT OVER. Whatever you are going through right now is not signalling the end of your story. This word of encouragement resonates with David’s confession after surviving fourteen assassination attempts by King Saul. This caused David to be a run away fugitive hiding in caves by the Dead Sea. Amazingly David had opportune times to kill King Saul but he could not touch the Lord’s anointed who also happened to be his father-in-law. This incident is a clear indication that we should not mourn when some people get out of our lives. Thats the end of their part in your story but YOUR STORYLINE IS NOT OVER. He declares later in life, I WAS PUSHED BACK AND ABOUT TO FALL, BUT THE LORD HELPED ME. Whatever painful experience you are going through, be of good cheer. That situation is not permanent. It shall come to pass because the Lord is your helper. Even what you think has become your lot in life, this too shall come to pass. You shall remain the protagonist, the main character and hero of your storyline. Remember that many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from them all. No weapon that is formed or fashioned against you shall prosper. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

In this journey of life, we will have our own share of life threatening blows in the SCHOOL OF HARD PUSHES. The pushing was DELIBERATE to make David fall. The pushing was STRATEGIC to make David fall. The pushing was CALCULATED to make David fall. The pushing was TAILOR-MADE to make David fall. The pushing was TARGETED to make David fall. The pushing was REPEATED to make David fall. You could be going through a chain of endless struggles but your storyline is not over. You could be going through a chain of endless sorrows but your storyline is not over. You could be going through a chain of endless discouragements but your storyline is not over. You could be going through a chain of endless pain but your storyline is not over. You could be going through a chain of endless pressure but your storyline is not over. David’s storyline was not complete until he became the King of Israel. When God helped David out of his trying times, he was able to say, BUT THE LORD HELPED ME.

Check out the following Bible characters who suffered setbacks but remained resolute because their storylines were not over:

# Samson’s storyline was marred with loss but it was not over until he dealt the Philistines the last blow

# Joseph’s storyline could not end in prison because what was meant for evil needed to be turned for good

# Mephibosheth’s storyline could not end in Lo-Debar because the High Table had an empty chair

# Job’s storyline was not over until the Lord blessed the latter part of his life more than the first

# Ruth’s storyline was not over until her name was written in the genealogy of Jesus Christ

# Jabez’s storyline was not over until the Lord blessed his life on every side

# Jonah’s storyline in the belly of the fish was not over until he fulfilled his mission in Nineveh

# King Hezekiah’s storyline was not over until fifteen more years were added to his lifespan

Its time to hashtag #OnlyGod, YOUR STORYLINE IS NOT OVER.

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The Pentecostal Movement is beginning to command respectability within academic and theological scholarship because of its acceptance of theological education for its practitioners. However there remains a cluster of die-hard classical pentecostals and new independent ministries who are still anti-intellectual, anti-theology, anti-academic world in general and anti-hospital or conventional medicine. The underlying belief is that Pentecostal Spirituality is hindered by rationality hence the need for intellectual suspension in search of ecstatic experiences. Furthermore they argue that Pentecostal Spirituality is the working of the Holy Spirit which does not need theological training or analytical thinking. These views are always hammered through sermons that intellectual suspension is essential to Pentecostal Spirituality.

Whilst an overly deductive view of life is insufficient, but to see rationalism as an obstacle to spirituality is failure to appreciate the linkage of the God-given mental capacity to experiential spirituality. I am of the opinion that our spiritual adventures and experiences need to be articulated by the intellect for the benefit of the Christian community. Even the beloved Apostle Paul had to take pen and paper to articulate his third heaven spiritual encounters which he calls visions and revelations (2Corinthians 12:1-10). Needless to mention that it is spiritual suicide to suspend one’s intellect in search of spirituality because you become the target of manipulation by religious predators who specialise in brainwashing people. Surrender of rationality gives more room to the devil because it reduces your logical capacity to see through the lies of false teachers and false prophets who masquerade as children of light yet they are dangerous wolves in sheep’s clothing. Intellectual suspension is a recipe for spiritual disintegration and spiritual chaos in the Church.

The greatest need in the Christian community from time immemorial has always been discipleship. This is about grounding believers in the Faith thus develop a strong intellectual foundation of what they believe and what they experience. This begins by dispelling the myth that the critical thinking agenda is about being judgemental and fault finding rather than evaluating ideas to establish their truthfulness or falsity. The Apostle Paul instructs the young Timothy, ‘Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth’ (2Timothy 2:15). This is a call for balance between academic rigour and spiritual profundity, critical thinking and spiritual sensitivity. The Church needs to be more vigilant in order to counter the multiplicity of false teachings and false practices which are worming their way into Pentecostal Spirituality. The Apostle Paul also tells the Thessalonians to TEST ALL THINGS. Truth be told, critical thinking is about testing all things. Today’s believers need to take a leaf out of the Berean Jews who examined scriptures to see if what Paul said was in line with the word of God. We should always compare what we hear or experience in light of the biblical standard. Every idea including prophecy should be subjected to critical analysis thus discern what is good. Similarly we need to continually practise self-evaluation of our spirituality just as Socrates says, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’. Pentecostal Spirituality cannot afford to be allergic to critical thinking which is our tool for discerning things. Thou shalt not suspend thy intellect in search of spirituality. I rest my case.

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The success of any family, community, organisation or a Church is dependent upon its leadership. For this reason a leadership vacuum is detrimental to the future of any organisation. In Science a VACUUM is a space entirely devoid of matter but for our purpose leadership vacuum simply means lack of leadership or a community devoid of leadership. The Writer of Judges summarises the leadership vacuum which existed in Israel after the death of two major charismatic personalities namely Joshua and Caleb. The closing verse in the entire book of Judges says it all, ‘In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit’. This was the most chaotic situation in Israel. When there is no king/leader there is no standard of authority. When there is no king/leader people have no one to restrain them, correct them or punish them hence lawlessness. When there is a leadership vacuum people think it is right to steal, cheat, commit adultery, indulge in corrupt activities etc. Leadership vacuum is the most dangerous vacuum because it has long term effects and damaging consequences for the follower-ship.


The causes of leadership vacuum in the Christian Community are many and varied but those who have the Church at heart should seriously take heed of some of the causes I would like to share. The most fatal cause of leadership vacuum in the Church is when Church leaders fail to point parishioners to Christ’s Lordship over their lives. When Jesus Christ is not the Lord and King of the Church, parishioners do what they see fit in their eyes. Leadership vacuum occurs when Church leaders are locked in power battles and conflicts due to personal agendas rather than the Kingdom Agenda. Leadership vacuum also occurs where the organisational culture disempowers its leaders or simply lacks respect for its own leaders. Lack of leadership skills can also effectively lead to a vacuum of guidance, vision and direction. Poor support systems which include lack of leadership development and training strategies as well as lack of rewards for good performance is yet another serious cause of leadership vacuum. Insecurity of the incumbent leader characterised by lack of grooming of the next generation of leaders contributes to leadership vacuum. Failure to abide by the biblical and constitutional standard of leadership appointments e.g. failure to retire those who have reached their retirement age can also contribute to leadership vacuum. The worst scenario case is when the incumbent leader (Usually Politicians and God forbid that a Church stoops so low to this level of mediocrity) manipulates the democratic system in place so as to rule in perpetuity. Such will create a perpetual leadership vacuum.


Wherever there is a leadership vacuum, anybody can jump into the driver’s seat hence the existence of multiple quasi-leaders in some communities. This situation is unhealthy for the Church because it disenfranchises innocent parishioners. Furthermore such a situation is a fertile ground for opportunists and power hungry people. Thou shalt not leave a leadership vacuum even in your retirement or death. True leaders grow leaders. Success comes by succession.

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The continent of Africa is well-known for its rich religious and cultural heritage which from time immemorial has been passed on from one generation to another through oral tradition. Due to Western influence this heritage is now being perpetuated via print media and the like. On the other hand the imprint of Western epistemology on Africa is an undeniable reality to the point that the contemporary African we have is no longer the original indigenous African of the pre-colonial period. The African we have is a product of Western civilising tools hence the byproduct is a HYBRID AFRICAN.However despite immersing the African into Euro-American thought systems, unfortunately it has not been possible to totally uproot the African world view. The African concept of MYSTICAL CAUSALITY is a die hard phenomenon among Africans whether they are in Africa or in diaspora. This world view affects their understanding of the world, relationships, spirits, pain, sickness, suffering, poverty, death etc.Western thought views causality as a tangible, material and physical order of reality which is perceivable and can be explained rationally. For example any sickness including mental health can be diagnosed and treated medically. On the other hand, the African view says that causality is the other-worldly; it is religious, supernatural, spiritual, mystical and mythical hence mystical causality. It deliberately ignores physical questions of causality because in African metaphysics, causality cannot be rationally and empirically perceived but can only be spiritually intuited through consulting the supernatural or spirit world. Africans do not focus on what happened because no event happens by chance. Their focus is why it happened i.e. they interrogate what may have necessitated something. For example, someone may be driving a car and an accident occurs due to a burst tyre and the driver dies on the spot. What may have necessitated the accident and loss of life is not related to the condition of the car, road quality let alone the experience or sobriety of the driver.This view of mystical causality led to the rise of the N’anga as the kingpin of African society. This African practitioner is well-known for his supernatural powers to deal with African realities of evil spirits, witchcraft, barrenness, miscarriages, sickness, evil spells, poverty, unemployment and all other misfortunes. Church history tells us that Missionaries struggled to wean their converts from consulting N’angas. The rise of Prophets among African Initiated Churches in the yesteryears served as a competitor to the terrain where the N’angas ruled and thrived. However the current situation has been taken over by a new crop of Urban Prophets. Are these a revised version of N’angas or the Prophets who operate under trees or not? Is their modus operandi replicating the N’ANGA TEMPLATE? But one thing that is distinctive about the Urban Elite Prophets is that they are wiser, shrewd and richer. Since the Urban Elite Prophets originate mainly from Pentecostal Churches, it would be unfair to outrightly equate them with N’angas. But the common denominator is that they are dealing with people who subscribe to mystical causality to address African realities. This writer subscribes to Pentecostal Christianity which uses alternative rituals for dealing with evil spirits, witchcraft and other African challenges. Pentecostal Practitioners must address African realities with caution because there is a thin line between mystical causality and pneumatic forms of Pentecostal Christianity. Unfortunately lack of caution has tempted well-meaning preachers to cross this thin line. While it is a noble idea to understand the context or Sitz Im Leben in which we are preaching the gospel, however we should not be tempted to indulge in syncretism whereby we mix Christianity and African religion. This will only create a new religion which is neither Christianity nor African Traditional Religion. Indeed MYSTICAL CAUSALITY is only there to shed light for us to understand the African world view thus empower us to address African realities the biblical way. Truth be told, the Bible standard is higher than any gimmicks, gambles and other shenanigans flooding the African religious market. I rest my case.

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The recent G7 Summit in Quebec, Canada, over and above dealing with social, political and economic issues affecting the world, the summit leaders also discussed marine pollution due to the discarding of plastic products in the seas and oceans. The THROWAWAY CULTURE is responsible for the destruction of sea life. The hardest hit are the whales which consume these plastics on a large scale hence their untimely death. The throwaway culture is sentencing sea creatures to slow and painful deaths.

Ezra narrates the story of the rebuilding of the temple foundation after the Babylonian captivity. It was the young Jewish architects, quantity surveyors and civil engineers who had acquired their building skills in Babylon who rebuilt the temple foundation. Unfortunately they did not bother to consult the older generation who had seen the previous structure of the temple. They were viewed as people with archaic ideas hence at the dedication of the new foundation these old people wept whilst the younger generation made shouts of joy to a point that you could not tell whether it was the sound of weeping or the sound of rejoicing. A Church worth its salt must always pause for a moment when it sees its veterans weeping because they do so for a reason.

Could it be that the throwaway culture is no longer just discarding material items like plastics, it is also discarding items of sentimental value like our cultural values, moral values, spiritual values and heritage. Furthermore the throwaway culture is now indiscriminately discarding human beings as disposable entities right from unborn babies, children, young people and old people. The Christian community is equally guilty of discarding its own cadres young and old, laity and clergy. Parishioners and Pastors are treated as commodities which can lose value and then be discarded as trash. The spirit of the throwaway culture is indeed with us. At some point one prominent African theologian proposed the rewriting of the bible in the spirit of throwaway culture. The same throwaway spirit is manifesting itself through the discarding of the authority of the bible, Church law, constitution and regulations as irrelevant and outdated. The throwaway culture is trading our spiritual heritage in exchange of secular theories hence the secularisation of the sacred. The throwaway culture devalues relationships, lacks appreciation of the wisdom of elders and abandons the honour code whereby we are required to honour our parents and our spiritual shepherds. A Church that discards its pastors, elders and parishioners runs the risk of marring its future because a special future is informed by its past. Christians who discard or abandon their parents whether those parents are believers or not run the risk of discarding a blessing which only a parent can dispense. Similarly Christians who discard their spiritual shepherds also run the risk of depriving themselves of the blessing which only a spiritual shepherd can dispense. Forewarned is forearmed. I rest my case.


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