‘As a man thinketh, so is he’ has become one of the most celebrated aphorisms derived from the bible (Proverbs 23:7). Simply put, you are the sum total of your thoughts. The greatest and most sophisticated software ever created cannot surpass human brains. One of the most important things in life which deserves careful thought is about legacy and heritage issues. What separates legacy and heritage thinkers with the rest is that they focus on long term goals rather than short term ones. Proverbs 13:22 says, ‘A good man/woman leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children’. Short term thinkers think a BOWL OF SOUP like Isau who traded his birthright in exchange for a bowl of soup to satisfy temporary gratifications. Samson with all the anointing upon him and the long term mission to free the Israelites from the Philistine menace, reflected short term thinking by flirting with Delilah and lying on her lap. Long term thinkers think legacy and heritage which they can leave for their children’s children. Your greatest contribution as a legacy and heritage thinker is your LIFESTYLE. Somebody said, ‘THE LEGACY YOU LEAVE IS THE LIFE YOU LEAD’. Its not about leaving CATHEDRALS and HONORIFIC TITLES but leaving a heritage of CHRISTIAN VALUES AND STANDARDS. Christian leaders and parishioners should leave the Church better than they found it.

The passage cited above sums up the bad ending of King Hezekiah. This king was well known for being a God-fearing and God-loving leader who restored temple worship. This is the same king who pleaded with God for another lease of life at the point of death and he was granted fifteen extra years. It all started with the Babylonian king who sent a congratulatory message of recovery from illness to Hezekiah as well as a personal gift to him. This was normal practice by kings who wanted to broker alliances with other surrounding kings. King Hezekiah showed off his gold, silver, precious spices, oils and his weapons to this Babylonian entourage. Truly speaking, Hezekiah bragged about his net worth and self worth. He showed off God’s blessings rather than showing off his God. Whatever Hezekiah had, part of it or all of it was inherited from previous generations of kings who understood the importance of leaving a legacy and an inheritance. Hezekiah in the spirit of show off exposed all the hidden places where this heritage was stored. That is why Isaiah asked this question, ‘WHAT HAVE THEY SEEN IN YOUR HOUSE?’ This led to the prophetic utterance of the overthrow of the king’s house and the whole of Judah. Sadly, everything he showed off was later taken off to Babylon. It is naive to think that we can expose our heritage and assume that the enemy will only admire it. The whole of Judah suffered a terrible loss of inheritance because of one man’s short-sightedness. A national heritage went out for grabs because one egocentric man showed off everything to the enemy in exchange with a small gift.

May God raise the Shammahs of today who will STAND in the fields of the fathers to protect the heritage of lentils for future generations (2Samuel 23:11-12). Where are the Naboths of today who will say THE LORD FORBID THAT I SHOULD GIVE YOU THE INHERITANCE OF MY ANCESTORS (1Kings 21:3). Where are the daring daughters of Zelophehad who made a demand of their father’s inheritance among their male relatives? (Numbers 27:1-11). May God raise the Josephs of today who will not be moved by the sexual lures of Potiphar’s wife. May God raise the Daniels of today who say, I WOULD RATHER BE A VEGETARIAN instead of indulging on the king’s delicacies. Let there be an Elijah of today who will be a STAND ALONE prophet against the majority of baal prophets. Where is the modern John the Baptist who is ready to challenge the Herods of today for every wrong doing even if it leads to being beheaded? May the spirit of Moses fall on us today so that we may refuse to be given wrong identity (son of Pharaoh’s daughter) as well as refusing fleeting pleasures of sin (Hebrews 11:24-28).

As a man thinketh, so is he. Long term thinkers think heritage, think legacy, think special future and think generations. I rest my case.

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In our endeavour to trigger the season of refreshment, one of the most effective super jabs is the JAB OF DESIRE. This is about hungering and thirsting for refreshment. The Psalmist says, ‘As the deer pants for the waters, so my soul thirsts after you’. Somebody said that WHAT YOU DON’T DESIRE, YOU DON’T DESERVE and alternatively WHAT YOU DESIRE, YOU DESERVE. The Prophet Isaiah supports the principle of desire when he says, ‘They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint’. Could it be that we need to glean a few life lessons from the eagle. The eagle goes through a MOLTING SEASON every year. This is the time when it sheds off old feathers and grows new ones. Refreshment comes as a result of shedding off some things in our lives. When the eaglets are hatched, they come out with birth feathers. They also have to undergo the molting season so that they grow flying feathers. May the good Lord help you to shed off baby feathers and get flying feathers for the journey of faith. May the good Lord also give you the wisdom to know where to fight your battles. The eagle carries its enemies into the air. In the same manner we do not fight against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in the air.

I have a conviction that God is about to do a NEW THING to those who have HIGHER ORDER DESIRE (HOD). God is about to open A NEW THING CHAPTER. Refuse to let your life be stuck in THE PAST TENSE OF LIFE. God specialises in creating rivers in the WASTELANDS i.e. a barren , desolate and dry place. I declare a TRIPARTITE SEASON OF REFRESHMENT. God is about to do a new thing FOR YOU, a new thing IN YOU and a new thing THROUGH YOU.

The tragedy of the 21st Century Church is LOST DESIRE. We have become like one of the seven Churches in the book of Revelation. They were still doing Church but they had lost their first love (Revelation 2:4). The writer of Revelation urges the parishioners at Ephesus to REMEMBER where they fell from grace, REPENT of their sins and RETURN back to their first love. My prayer is that the Lord may give you an APPETITE for the things of God. Check out men and women who had desire in the Bible:

# The Song of Songs woman searched for the one her heart loved (3:1-5)

# The woman who lost one of her ten coins/drachmas had to search carefully for it (Luke 15:8-10)

# The good Shepherd left the 99 sheep in search for one lost sheep

# Jacob wrestled all night with the angel of the Lord in search for a blessing

# Jabez was more honourable than his brothers because of the desire to get out of poverty and pain

# Peter on Mount Transfiguration desired to stay in his glory

# The woman with an issue of blood desired to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment in search for healing

# Blind Bartimeus desired to see

# Ruth desired to go with Naomi to Bethlehem of Judah

# The four friends desired that their disabled friend be healed hence they broke through the roof

# Prophet Elisha desired the double portion of Prophet Elijah’s spirit

# David desired to dwell in the house of the Lord forever and to BEHOLD HIS GLORY


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In this part four of the seven super jabs to trigger your season of refreshment, our focus will be on WORK and REST and the symbiotic relationship therein.

Although the Lord put the man (Adam) in this earthly paradise or a place of delight and enjoyment called Eden, the Bible says that God did so for the major purpose to WORK IT and take CARE OF IT. It is foolhardy to think that the extra-biblical teachings of the CLAIM IT AND HAVE IT gospel work in real life situations. Truth be told, embracing such a teaching only leads to poverty in the name of faith. Financial refreshment comes through this original plan of God that we should WORK in order to thrive in life. Psalm 90:17 says, ‘May the favour of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the WORK OF OUR HANDS’. Deuteronomy 28:12 reiterates the same by saying that the Lord who sends rain on our land i.e. to make it tillable, also blesses the work of our hands. Ecclesiastes 10:10 encourages us to work smarter than harder by sharpening our tools and our skills for work.

Adam’s job description in the garden of Eden was to DRESS IT or to TEND IT as well as to KEEP IT. To dress it involved giving the garden DECORATIVE DETAIL. To keep it means that he had to guard it or preserve it. These two duties require work which includes irrigation, cultivation and pruning of both trees that were good for food and those that were good to see. Could it be that every modern Adam has a responsibility to apply DECORATIVE DETAIL to his wife and family (DRESS) and to also be a hedge of protection to his wife and family (KEEP)? Could it be that breakdown of marriages and families is due to the failure to dress and to keep? The Eden model of refreshment requires everyone to WORK.

May I restate again that there is a symbiotic relationship between WORK and REST. Only those who have worked deserve a break to rest. The buzz word is BALANCE between time to work and time to rest. This principle of SABBATH was demonstrated by God in the creation story and was later cast on stone as law. Leviticus 25:1 teaches us that even the land itself needed rest hence at some point it was left to lie fallow for one year to restore/refresh its fertility. The annual leave or any off days you take to be away from work is necessary for your rejuvenation. Sabbatical leave is good for you.

One of the amazing contexts of rest is the MILITARY CONTEXT. During the settlement period in the promised land, the Israelites fought many battles to evict the occupants until they possessed all the land the Lord had sworn to their ancestors and settled there. The writer of the book of Joshua caps it by saying that the Lord gave them REST ON EVERY SIDE. This is also true of King Solomon who enjoyed REST ON EVERY SIDE due to the successful battles King David his father had fought. During this period of rest from wars, King Solomon embarked on building the temple for the Lord. Similarly as believers we are in a war against principalities and powers in the air. When one has fought the beasts of Ephesus, a time will come when the Lord gives you rest on every side. Check out the meaning of rest on every side:

# Rest means suspension or stopping of work

# Rest is about serenity, safety, security and supply

# Rest means to settle down and remain

# Rest means to be free from trouble or enemy invasion

# Rest means freedom from suffering, sickness and misfortune

# Rest means to be free from interference

# Rest means to be free from pain, sorrow and toil

# Rest means to be free from threats and conflicts

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Life is composed of intertwined relationships and connections. Human beings find fulfilment and support in these integrative connections. It is foolhardy to think that one can operate as a lone ranger in society. African philosophy has this saying, ‘I am because we are’ meaning that the real me is defined by how I am part of the community. The third jab being a super jab of connection comes to enhance our need for interdependence as Christians and as members of the community around us. The Psalmist highlights that some refreshments we corporately get from God are consequential to how we relate i.e. No Corporate Connection, No Refreshment. He says, ‘Behold how good and pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity (Psalm 133:1). This is a call to practise the Philadelphia kind of brotherly love/connection. This lifestyle is commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ when he says, ‘A new commandment I give unto you that you love one another as I have loved you. By this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have love one for another’ (John 31:34-35). The Psalmist goes on to describe the kind of refreshment God bestows on us when we simply live relationally in fellowship with nothing broken and nothing missing. He calls it the COMMANDED BLESSING which flows from top to bottom like the ointment of Aaron or the dew of Hermon. May the good Lord vaccinate us with the super jab of connection as people of God. May the dew of Hermon and the ointment of Aaron saturate us with supernatural refreshment. May God command blessings towards us as he commanded the East Wind to drive quails into the Israelite camp in the Wilderness. May the our move from full-flow to overflow bring with it the Peter type of net-breaking and boat-sinking blessings.

On the other hand, the book of Genesis introduces us to the original plan of God when he placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This was the best model in which humans were connected to nature and environment hence they had a lifestyle of continuous refreshment on this earthly paradise. The reason why life is so exhausting today is because there is a DISCONNECTION between us and nature and between us and God. One of the key features of this setting was that God would visit Adam and Eve for connection/fellowship in the cool of the day. Could I just say that its never too late to create your COOL OF THE DAY retreat time with God. It may be quiet time or noise time whatever the case may be, but let me assure you that you shall be refreshed. Even our Lord Jesus Christ had the habit of withdrawing from the multitude into solitude in order to have spiritual refreshment with the Father.

The second feature in the garden was the existence of a river which watered the garden. The amazing aspect of this river was that it had four other rivers which are called headwaters or what in modern times are called tributaries or feeder rivers which poured its waters into the main river. Could it be that in life we need other people who serve as feeders into our lives. May God connect you to people who add value into your i.e. people who refresh your life by the input they contribute. May the good Lord give you tributaries of projects and business ventures which pour into your earnings so that you move from earning money to making money. With four rivers pouring into your life, I guarantee you a life of overflow. But please take note that any overflow God directs to your life is not for you but that you may become a conduit of God’s blessings to others.

Let me indulge you with typological discourse which emanates from these four rivers/headwaters. The first river is called PISHON which means INCREASE. The River Pishon type of blessing is there to move you in the FULL-FLOW GEAR. May you move from trickles of blessings to FULL-FLOW. The second river is called GIHON which means BURSTING FORTH or GUSHING. The River Gihon type of blessing moves you from FULL-FLOW to OVERFLOW. With overflow, you have disposable income to bless and empower others and by so doing you become a SIGNIFICANT member of your family and community. You shall move from being a statistic to significance. The third river is called TIGRIS which means RAPID. Its like things are going to flow with SPEED. With the TEGRIS ANOINTING or what another school of thought calls speed of the Spirit, the first shall be last and the last first. May God give you the grace to CATCH UP and OVERTAKE like Prophet Elijah who overtook King Ahab’s chariots (1Kings 18:46). May whatever you put your hands to do get RAPID RESULTS. The fourth and last river is called EUPHRATES which means FRUITFUL or SWEET. May the good Lord cause you to spread SWEETNESS and not BITTERNESS. May you spread FRUITFULNESS and not BARRENNESS. May other people pick some sweet fruit from you.

In the next article we want to discover the role of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden i.e. TO WORK IT. I hope that I won’t lose some brethren who are obsessed with the CLAIM IT AND HAVE IT GOSPEL as I give THE SUPER JAB OF WORK.

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The second jab to trigger your season of refreshment is the super jab to offload excess baggage. Before God brings in something fresh and something new, it is imperative to offload some excess baggage. Typical of excess baggage, it is stressful to keep or to carry. 1Peter 5:7 says, ‘Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you’. Indeed God cares for us enough that he wants us to cast our burdens to him. In Matthew 11:28 Jesus says, ‘Come to me those who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest’. Could it be that the quickest route to refreshment comes with offloading excess baggage? Every human being has a certain level or capacity of endurance and going beyond that level leads to a breaking point. A lot of ailments people have in the physical, emanate from emotional challenges which have been nursed for too long. Carrying excess baggage emotionally can have devastating consequences. This message is for those who are reaching the breaking point as they handle life’s excess baggage. I am of the opinion that excess baggage has a tendency of deteriorating to become EXCESS GARBAGE. Airports and many airlines are well-known for being strict when dealing with passengers travelling with excess baggage. They give you two options i.e. either to pay the price (usually exorbitant) or to throw away some of your stuff into a trash can. As you travel this journey of faith, carrying excess baggage comes at a cost which is not worth it hence the call to offload it.

Our past is littered with a lot of excess baggage which we are complaining and murmuring about all the time. The more we become HISTORICAL the more we become HYSTERICAL. Let us learn to offload the past in order to grab the future with the cloud of refreshment it is carrying. God has better things in store for us. Its time to offload toxic thoughts, fatigue and burnout. This is about dusting, sweeping, mopping and polishing your heart and mind. This entails taking spiritual refresher exercises like solitude, quiet time, meditation, prayer, fasting, listening, worship, praise and bible study. Its time to let what is in the past, stay in the past. This is your season to release some people from your enemy list (those who have betrayed you, hurt you, stabbed you, persecuted you, jilted you, slandered you etc) by forgiving them. Its also time to offload negative habits and addictions which may include social media. Some people are so hooked to Twitter hence they have become citizens of Twitter-land. Needless to mention other new countries like YuTubeland, WhatsAppland, Facebookland, Messengerland, Instagramland etc. On a positive note its time offload some stuff in your wardrobe, kitchen, garage or elsewhere. Sometimes you need to make room for better things by DONATING or DISCARDING what you have. Donate some of those shoes, suits and dresses. What could be excess baggage to you could be a pearl of great price to someone you would have given.

The third jab is meant to make you to enter into the Eden type of refreshment which takes you from full-flow to overflow as you discover the power of CONNECTION with the source of refreshment.

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The purpose of a vaccine like a flu jab in the medical field is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular disease. Could it be that in the spiritual we can also get a super jab with a vaccine specially made to provide active acquired proclivity to the season of refreshment? In this journey of Christian faith, you may go through various trials, temptations, tribulations and rough times leading to fatigue and burnout. Sometimes you may go through the wilderness experience like the children of Israel where you find yourself spiritually drained and dehydrated. In such drought seasons, spiritual practices like prayer, fasting, meditation, bible reading etc become just formality. If you have been or are in such a situation right now, may I assure you that you are not alone. Many fervent Christians have travelled through that rough terrain. By reading this article and the others to follow, be of good cheer because I have discovered seven super jabs to provide active acquired proclivity to supernatural refreshment which the Apostle Peter declared as TIMES OF REFRESHING which come from the throne of God. The honourable Apostle was not referring to CHRONOS time as we know it by the watch but to the KAIROS or appointed time which in plural is KAIROI. The term, ‘Times of refreshing’ in this context is a synonym for plural or multiple revival. In light of Peter’s prophetic statement, one dose is not enough to boost that proclivity to individual and corporate revival. In this series I am privileged to inject you with the following seven super jabs: (1) The Super Jab of Teshuvah. (2) The Super Jab to Offload excess baggage. (3) The Super Jab of Connection. (4) The Super Jab of Work and Rest. (5) The Super Jab of Boldness. (6) The Super Jab of Generosity. (7) The Super Jab of Desire.

1. THE SUPER JAB OF TESHUVAH (Jeremiah 3:12)

In Acts 3:19 the Apostle Peter is summing up his sermon by an altar call where he appeals to his fellow Israelites to repent and turn to God so that their sins may be wiped out, that TIMES OF REFRESHING may come from the Lord. The Apostle Peter selects his words sequentially i.e. there must be repentance for times of refreshment to occur. If you miss the sequence, you miss the season. Could it be that the Apostle Peter was aware of the forty day Teshuvah season in the Jewish calendar being a period when devout Jews have a spiritual emphasis season on repentance? The Teshuvah season originates from the story of the sinning of the Israelite community at Mount Horeb when they made a golden calf and worshipped it under the guidance of Aaron whilst Moses had gone up the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments. When Moses came down holding the Ten Commandments, he was shocked at the level of apostasy the Israelites had shown. In anger he threw away the two tablets of the law. One thing led to another but when God’s anger subsided, he (God) told Moses to come back onto the top of the mountain to receive another REWRITTEN set of the Ten Commandments. Moses took forty days on the mountain hence the Jews up to this day observe these forty days in repentance.

The Christian community has always been praying for revival and I propose that the super jab of TESHUVAH/REPENTANCE is unavoidable if we are to have genuine times of refreshment from the Lord. Repentance led to the rewriting of the Ten Commandments. Similarly God is prepared to rewrite our personal stories and our corporate stories as the Church. Prophet Jeremiah’s words (3:12) resonate with the Theology of Teshuvah when he says, ‘Return faithless Israel,’ declares the Lord, ‘I will frown on you no longer, for I am faithful’, declares the Lord, ‘I will not be angry forever….’ The story of King David’s repentance after committing adultery with Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife (Psalm 51) and the story of the Prodigal son in the New Testament clearly illustrate the attitude to embrace during the Teshuvah season. Check out the following nuggets of truth about the Teshuvah season:

# Teshuvah is about self-examination, in-ward looking and soul-searching

# Teshuvah is about repenting, turning away from evil and returning to God

# Teshuvah is about remorse and confession of sin

# Teshuvah is about seeking God to create a clean heart and renew a right spirit

# Teshuvah is about cleaning, washing and removal of stains

# Teshuvah is about forgiving and asking for forgiveness

# Teshuvah is about changing one’s thinking, making resolutions and reviewing one’s behaviour

# Teshuvah is about re-culculating the direction one is taking and if need be make a U-turn

# Teshuvah is about death of the old you and rebirth of the new you

If this presentation cannot get you down to your knees, please press the buzzer. Yours truly is ready to increase the dosage 😂😂😂. I rest my case.

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The tell tell signs of mature, sober and level headed people in the Church and in the community at large is the ability to be balanced. Apparently religion and society has created a lot of extremism with some semblance of sincerity attached to it. But I am of the opinion that such extremist mentalities are sincerely wrong. The word ‘balance’ denotes the ability to remain upright and steady. We all need balance as we walk through the rough terrains of life. Birds need wings to secure balance as they fly. Trees need roots to secure balance and buildings need footing to secure balance. Well-rounded children are a product of balanced parenting which is characterised by being firm and flexible. This art of parenting has become a rare commodity because some parents are very firm and heavy handed whilst others are on the other side of the pendulum. These parents are very flexible on everything and they are indeed the Father Christmas type who are so generous with everything children ask for.

Christians need the spirit and truth to secure balance in the journey of faith. Balance is about being a stable Christian. Balance is about rooting, footing, uprightness, steadiness and finding equilibrium in life. James 1:8 says, ‘A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways’. The following five keys matter in the making of a balanced believer. These five golden keys will help you to find balance in an unbalanced world.


As believers we have a duty to balance our vertical love relationship with God and our horizontal love relationship with humanity. We ought to love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength. Our Bible reading should be thorough and careful because the bible in 2Timothy 2:15 says, ‘Study to show thyself approved, a workman that needs not be ashamed. Rightly dividing the word of truth’. But such biblical rigour needs to be balanced with spiritual profundity i.e. the kind of spirituality that has depth and insight.


The journey of faith is results-oriented i.e. believers must grow to maturity in the faith. Our Lord Jesus Christ maintained this balance when he was growing up as a teenager. Luke 2:52 sums it up by saying that Jesus grew in wisdom (Mental & Psychological growth), in stature (Physical growth), in favour with man (Socio-moral growth) and in favour with God (Spiritual growth). May we take seriously the Jesus Model of Maturation which produces a well-rounded believer. Even Church growth gurus also propose the importance of growing a balanced congregation being one which is self-supporting, self-governing and self-propagating.


I am convinced that the majority in the Christian community agree that a believer’s first ministry is to God as in giving him undivided devotion and worship. Your second ministry is to yourself, spouse and family (if married) or yourself and family (whether single, single parent, widowed or divorced). Third on the list is your ministry to the Church and community at large. One would have failed to balance things according to priority if someone concentrated on ministry to the Church and community whilst neglecting themselves and their spouses and families. As we minister to each other, may we also be reminded to minister the truth in love because truth without love is brutal and love without truth is impaired. The same pulpits where sermons of encouragement are dished out, a fair share of sermons of correction must also be preached without compromise.


BEING is about who we are, our nature, our essence and our existence. This is what African philosophy calls UBUNTU. DOING is about what we actually do, what we achieve, what keeps us busy, our activities hence ACTIVISM. May I hasten to say that we are HUMAN BEINGS and not HUMAN DOINGS. This discourse is not about downplaying WORK although its a warning to workaholics to find balance between being and doing. The story of Martha and Mary (Luke 10:38-42) attempts to bring the two worlds into equilibrium. Martha represents the DOING part of us and Mary represents the BEING part of us. Martha represents our CHARISMA and Mary represents our CHARACTER. The Martha in us wants to be DOING and is prepared to protest if the Mary in us concentrates on BEING in His presence. There must be a balance between the Martha in you and the Mary in you. There must be a balance between being with MULTITUDES and being in SOLITUDE.

5. BALANCE OF TWO WORLDS (John 15:19, 17:14-16)

Most believers struggle with the fact that they are in this world but they are not of this world. How do you become part of this world but at the same time be distinct as one who is not of this world? This is about balancing between being HUMAN and being SPIRITUAL. These two realities have created extreme views. Some in attempting not to be of this world have ended up being so heavenly minded but earthly useless or alternatively others have become so earthly minded that they have become heavenly useless. Ascertic spirituality in Church history was a product of a world negating view which saw everything good like food to be a detriment to spirituality. On the opposite side were those of the Corinthian type who were world affirming to a point of libertinism and overindulgence. I am of the opinion that there is a time when one needs to fast and pray like the ascertics and celebrate life like the libertinists once in a while. The buzz word is balance. In the same vein this lack of balance has led some believers to be INCLUSIVISTS or EXCLUSIVISTS. What is lacking between the two world views is balance. I am of the opinion that Christians should be inclusivists in as much as they try to be an inclusive community where sinners are welcome to Church just as they are but be exclusivist in the way they live holy unto God. This is about being BIBLICALLY FAITHFUL and being CULTURALLY RELEVANT. What would it help a Christian community to be biblically faithful whilst being culturally irrelevant or be culturally relevant but being biblically unfaithful? May we be true witnesses of Christ in this world and at the same time be ready for eternity with Christ.

I rest my case.

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