The Passover Feast or Celebration is one of the most important events in both the Jewish and Christian calendars. In it is sealed the salvation story. The Jewish community celebrate their deliverance from Egyptian captivity, whilst the Christian community celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world. Both religions view blood as central to their deliverance/salvation. From the Jewish context, God instructed every Jewish family to kill a lamb on the Passover night and then sprinkle the blood on their door posts. Exodus 12:13 says, ‘The blood will be a SIGN for you on the houses you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you…..’ From the Christian context, Jesus Christ is the mediator of the new covenant and his blood which was sprinkled at the cross speaks better things than the blood of Abel (Hebrews 12:24).
Could it be that our identity as Christians is determined by God’s signature of grace upon our lives? When our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross, his last will and testament was in his last statement: TETELESTAI meaning it is finished or FULLY PAID. It is common knowledge that when something has been fully paid for, it is accompanied by a signature. The Apostle Paul rightfully illustrates this signature of grace in his epistle to the Colossians (2:14-15) ‘Having canceled/DELETED the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us: he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross. And having DISARMED the powers and authorities, he made a spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross’. 
From antiquity up to the modern times, a signature was known as a SEAL, a SIGN, or a MARK by an authority. Kings and nobles used SIGNET RINGS to sign documents. Accompanying that signature was the NAME, OFFICE and TERRITORY of the signatory. The signatory of grace is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ. His offices include the following and many more: Lion of Judah who is the SEAL BREAKER in the book of Revelation, Alpha and Omega, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His territory is the entire universe. A signature was used to authenticate official documents, to guarantee the security of the document and to prevent unauthorised reading, altering or tempering. God’s signature on your life means that the devil cannot alter or temper with your destiny. This signature of grace is inclusive i.e. it does not discriminate. In Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free, male or female. We all have equal access to the blessing of Abraham. This signature of grace clears your past sins and failures to the point that no one will have the guts to cast the first stone upon you. 
There are three things which you need to always bear in mind and also appropriate them daily in your life. Firstly, when Jesus died on the cross, he declared AMNESTY over you, thereby deleting the charge of your legal indebtedness which stood against you and condemned you. You must declare and decree: CHARGE DELETED. Secondly, Jesus’ death on the cross disarmed principalities and powers. This means that he captured and controlled the enemy hence he now holds the keys of death and hades. With keys you can SHUT OUT things and SHUT IN things. May diseases, discouragements, disappointments, depression, deprivations, dishonour be shut out of your life. You must declare and decree: ENEMY DISARMED. Finally, you must learn to sprinkle the blood of Jesus over your life. You must declare and decree: BLOOD DISPLAYED. The signature of grace is good enough for you.

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We noted in part 1 of this presentation that God has a habit of hiding things of value and that such pearls of great price are not hidden from us but are actually hidden for us. For this reason it is necessary for us to have the ability to locate, decode and download what God has in store for us. The ability to locate where your blessings are sealed is about discovering, unearthing, pinpointing, uncovering, searching out and sniffing out. May the Lord give you the anointing of a sniffer or detection dog which uses its senses to locate things by sniffing. I am sniffing the climate of favour in the air. God is shifting some people from the dungeon of shame to a place of double honour. May the Lord give you the stereoscopic visual acuity and enlarged visual field of the eagle which can locate prey as small as a rabbit 3.2 km away and can swiftly come down and snatch it away in a twinkling of an eye. Your spiritual eyes shall not suffer low visual acuity or macular degeneration. You shall see visions of things that are sealed from the generality of mankind. Just like Caleb you shall locate your heritage and declare, ‘GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN which the Lord promised me on that day’ (Joshua 14:12).

Its one thing to locate the place where your blessings are hidden, its another to have the ability to decode and download. Remember that wherever great blessings are located, it is common knowledge that such a place is deliberately sealed with coded language hence the need for SEAL BREAKER ANOINTING. This is where revelation knowledge and ability to understand mysteries comes into play. What you failed to achieve by your intelligence, you shall achieve by supernatural revelation. God is calling you to go to A PLACE OF BETTER VIEW where you are going to see your destiny with spiritual eyes. This gives you the power to decrypt concealed information. For your own information, all you need to decode your blessings is contained in an ancient book called the bible. May you be found worthy to decode your blessings just as The Lion of Judah was found worthy to open the scroll and its seven seals in the book of Revelation (Revelation 5:4-5). Once you have decoded that which is encoded it means ACCESS GRANTED. This is your season to download your blessings. Downloading is about moving your blessings from the Spirit realm to the physical realm. A lot of Christians have the ability to spot their blessings in the Spirit realm but they live a life of lack simply because they are not able to decode and download their stuff. This is like driving a top of the range mercedes benz in the dream world only to be awakened from such a blissful moment and be faced by reality. But as you download your blessings, beware of cyber attacks from the Prince of Persia, the devil who wants to block or hack your answered prayers in cyberspace (Daniel 10:13).

Check out these bible characters who located, decoded and downloaded their blessings:

The bleeding woman’s healing was sealed in the hem of Jesus’ garment

The widow of Zarephath’s blessing was sealed in a jar of flour and a jug of oil

The Prophet’s widow had her blessing sealed in a little bottle of oil

The Shunamite woman’s blessing was sealed in Prophet Elisha

The five thousand crowd’s lunch was sealed in a little boy’s lunchbox

Elijah’s abundant rain was sealed in a small cloud

The day of Pentecost was sealed in the book of Joel chapter two

King Jehoshaphat’s water was sealed in a valley which he needed to dig ditches

Samson’s strength to fight against the Philistines was sealed in his dreadlocks

The deliverance of Israel from Harman’s threat was sealed in an orphan girl called Esther

Elisha’s double portion was sealed in Elijah’s mantle

The ministry of Jesus Christ was sealed in Isaiah 61

Mephibosheth’s blessing was sealed in a friendship covenant between his father Jonathan and David


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Scripture Readings:

# Isaiah 29:11 For you this whole vision is nothing but words sealed in a scroll. And if you give the scroll to someone who can read, and say, read this please, they will answer, I CAN’T, IT IS SEALED.

# Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings to search out a matter.

# Isaiah 45:3 I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places………..
The prophetic word I have for you comes as a declaration which you have to make: ‘I AM A SEAL BREAKER, I am anointed to locate, decode and download blessings’. This message comes from the backdrop that our God has a tendency of sealing, concealing, hiding and locking away things of high value. In the natural he purposefully hid natural resources like oil, gold, platinum, diamonds and many other precious stones down under. In the spiritual God also purposefully hid pearls of great price in the Bible. Any good reader of the Bible would concur that the message of the word of God comes to us sealed in symbolic, apocalyptic, parabolic, epistolary, figurative and metaphorical genres just to mention a few. That is why the Ethiopian Eunuch needed a Philip to unpack Isaiah 53 in light of Jesus Christ as the suffering Saviour (Acts 8:26-36). Could it be that going by computer science knowledge the bible is ENCRYPTED or encoded in such a way that Christians need revelation knowledge to decode the cipher-text of the word so as to fully benefit from God’s promises.
A lot of modern Christians give up reading the bible regularly because just like the Ethiopian Eunuch, they can’t read it because its sealed i.e. they are not able to decipher the hidden treasures. The book of Proverbs as cited above says that IT IS THE GLORY OF GOD TO CONCEAL A THING. God, as reiterated earlier conceals blessings in hidden/secret places but the good news is that these blessing are not hidden from us but rather, THEY ARE HIDDEN FOR US. Hence when Isaiah quotes God saying, I WILL GIVE YOU HIDDEN TREASURES, RICHES STORED IN SECRET PLACES, he was speaking with the understanding of how ancient kings like those of Babylon stored their wealth in gold, silver and other expensive artefacts. These kings stored their wealth in vaults or archives which were located in basements or underground floors. These rooms were known as CRYPTS being rooms which no one was allowed to enter without authorised access by the king. For further security these rooms would be locked and sealed with the king’s ring so that access would not be tempered with. Could it be that modern computing language borrowed heavily from ancient technology, because to ENCRYPT means to convert or conceal information into a code to prevent unauthorised access by hackers in cyberspace. May I declare that your blessings are safe and secure because no demon from the pit of hell can hack into what God has in store for you.
While it is the glory of God to conceal a matter, Proverbs goes on to say that IT IS THE HONOUR OF KINGS TO SEARCH OUT A MATTER. The kings in question are you and me the children of God. It is our honour and privilege to search out that which is sealed because down under lies our blessings. May God give us the anointing of Isaac who re-dug all the wells of his father which the Philistines covered with rubble. In other words true blessings or true prosperity does not come on silver platter. This message is not in the category of the CLAIM IT AND HAVE IT GOSPEL. This is a call to a blue collar job where those who are serious about digging for their wealth are being enrolled. Its time to wear your work suit, hard hat and work shoes and take your pick and shovel and journey with me as we LOCATE, DECODE AND DOWNLOAD OUR BLESSINGS. You are indeed a SEAL BREAKER. See you in Part 2 where we extrapolate the art of locating, decoding and downloading our blessings. 

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SET ON HIGH BY THE MOST HIGH (Deuteronomy 28:1)

The prophetic message I have for you is that you are about to be SET ON HIGH BY THE MOST HIGH. He is raising you from shame to double honour. God is about to make you A CUT ABOVE THE REST. This message was given to the people of Israel whose resume included being former slaves in Egypt for four hundred years and also had forty years of nomadic life in the wilderness. Deuteronomy 28:1 promises: It shall come to pass when you ENTER THE LAND…. But a condition is given i.e. If you FULLY OBEY THE LORD and CAREFULLY FOLLOW his commands…… The Lord will SET YOU HIGH above all nations. A lot of believers are quick to CLAIM the promises of God but are not prepared to make a PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to fully obey the Lord and carefully follow his commands. To all the God-fearing Christians, God is taking you into the realm of elevation. The Most High God is called JEHOVAH El ELYON meaning UPPERMOST OR HIGHEST. Going by the linguistics in the text, the Most High God will ELYON YOU (SET ON HIGH BY THE MOST HIGH) to participate in higher levels of life spiritually and materially. God was making them MOST HIGH among the nations in line with His promise to Abraham comprising a GREAT LAND, GREAT NAME AND GREAT PROGENY. This is a place of authority, honour and triumph. This is a place of thriving rather than just surviving. But being set on high by the Most High does not in any way make you equal with God or give you capacity to contest with God like Lucifer. Elevation is a grace thing. This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes (Psalm 118:23). 

The writer of Deuteronomy then goes on to extrapolate what being SET ON HIGH BY THE MOST HIGH entails in real life situations in the land (Deuteronomy 28:2-14). This is about being blessed by the Most High God. An analysis of the blessings shows us that God’s blessings come in shapes and sizes. He speaks of City and Country blessings which when translated means thriving businesses in the city and agricultural success in the countryside. May City and Country blessings be your portion. May increase and abundance on all necessities of life be your portion. May God give you victory and supremacy over your enemies. May safety be your portion in your going in and going out i.e. JOURNEY MERCIES. May the MIDAS TOUCH be your portion in everything you undertake to do. May prominence be your portion as you will be the head and not the tail and as you will be at the top and never at the bottom. May you be a HEAD TALLER than the rest like Saul. May you be ten times better like the four Hebrew boys. May you step into higher life like Mephibosheth. May you be elevated from the prison to the palace like Joseph. May you occupy the place of royalty like Queen Esther. 

Let me conclude by citing why Jewish people continue to be a cut above the rest wherever they are. For the purposes of this presentation I will only share three reasons why they are successful. Firstly they believe that real wealth is portable…its in our heads. Take a Jew to Africa, he will thrive there. Take a Jew to Antarctica, he will thrive there. The principle is simple and clear: Carry your brains with you wherever you go. They also believe that wealth must be passed on to children. They introduce their children to five secrets of blessings namely: TITHING, OFFERING, SAVING, INVESTING AND SPENDING. This is an open secret: from any amount earned, there is enough money for a tithe, offering, saving, investment and spending. Finally Jewish people argue that if you take care of your own and they will take care of you. This is about investing in and empowering others especially your own children. The Shona people of Zimbabwe have a proverb which resonates with this principle. It says, CHIRERE CHIGOZOKURERAWO. YOU ARE A CUT ABOVE THE REST, SET ON HIGH BY THE MOST HIGH.

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WEAKNESS VERSUS WICKEDNESS (Matthew 26:14-16, Psalm 51)

Recently I was reading a book by Pastor Jamal Bryant entitled ‘World War Me’. In his foreword to this book, Bishop TD Jakes highlights that there is a distinction between weakness and wickedness. This got me thinking hence this short discourse. In my Christian walk within the spirit-filled and tongue-talking Pentecostal community I was too naive to realise that one could find wicked people among its ranks. Unfortunately the existence of wicked people in the Christian community is a painful reality. It goes without saying that we also have well-meaning believers who have a lot of weaknesses to deal with. However I am of the opinion that its easier to handle, help or restore a person with a weakness than dealing with a wicked person. A Christian with a weakness at least knows Christ but a wicked person does not know Christ and worse still, he is Anti-Christ. A weak Christian may mess up big time but because they have a good heart, they will always find their way out of their mess. Weakness has to do with falling short of good intentions whereas wickedness has to do with actions that are purposefully and intentionally geared to cause harm or evil on others.
Without taking the road of negativity too far, even among the twelve disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, one of them Judas Iscariot was a wicked man. He went to the Chief Priests to ask what he would get if he betrayed Jesus. After getting thirty pieces of silver he waited for an opportunity to hand over Jesus to his captors. The actions of Judas can be classified as wickedness of a higher order because it led to the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ.
On the other hand we have King David, a man after God’s heart messing up by taking Bathsheba Uriah’s wife. This was a clear case of sexual weakness (adultery) but the difference is that King David had a repentant and contrite heart. 
I have come to a point where I have concluded that wicked people are capable of doing anything hence the damage they can cause to the Body of Christ need not be underestimated. We are living in the last days which our Lord Jesus Christ foresaw the following, ‘Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of many will grow cold’ (Matthew 24:12). The demon of wickedness must be exorcised out of the Church. Check out some the behaviours and tell-tell signs of wicked people:

# Wicked people are self-righteous, judgemental, fault-finding and record-keepers of wrong

# Wicked people are rebellious, ruthless, arrogant, aggressive and confrontational

# Wicked people are control freaks bent on manipulating people and systems through deception and blatant lies

# Wicked people thrive in slandering, sowing discord, rumour-mongering and gossip

# Wicked people have the art of flattery through smooth and persuasive speeches

# Wicked people specialise in putting spanners in the works on any good thing that needs to be done

# Wicked people worm their way into other people’s affairs uninvited

# Wicked people are spin doctors who are good at self-referencing and image sprucing as a cover-up of their evil actions

# Wicked people have no conscience or remorse over the evil and pain they inject on others; instead they find joy in causing pain, discord, division and disharmony

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In pursuit of hearing the voice of God, may I take your attention to the common story of Jesus’ visit at the home of Martha, Mary and Lazarus. Jesus was very close to this family hence the visit and the hospitality offered. The description of how Martha ran around making preparations for her visitors reflects that Jesus had a large entourage with him. Martha was working so hard to make her visitors to be comfortable. But ironically her sister Mary instead of helping with household chores, she sat at the feet of Jesus listening to what Jesus had to say. This did not go down well with Martha hence her request for Jesus’ intervention on this matter. Instead of intervention Jesus commended Mary for choosing something better unlike Martha who was troubled with many things.  From this story we deduce that being a hands-on person in God’s work is a good thing. Like Martha many of us are real WORKAHOLICS or busybodies for Jesus. We are very busy DOING God’s work. However we are being called to something better which Mary did i.e. BEING in the presence of the Lord LISTENING to what he has to say. Could it be that we like Prophet Elijah need to move away from Mount Carmel, a place for WORKAHOLICS to Mount Horeb a place for LISTENERS? Please be reminded that the Juniper Tree Experience by Prophet Elijah when he contemplated death was a clear case of BURN OUT. Getting too busy in God’s Vineyard without taking a break to rest awhile can have devastating consequences over our SPIRITUAL PROFUNDITY. Surely we will be more effective and more useful in the place of DOING if we spend more time in the place of BEING. Listed below are a few keys to unlock your ability to hear the voice of God in the place of BEING:
# Release all the weighty burdens of life’s challenges whenever you enter into the Lord’s presence
# God speaks to those who choose to hear, therefore choose to hear with your inner ears of the Spirit
# Create a conducive environment of hearing the voice of God by going to a place of solitude
# Develop a daily interactive and conversational relationship with God through QUIET TIME
# Have a servant spirit i.e. One who waits upon the Lord in confident expectation and alertness to receive from the Lord
# Watch out for God’s spoken word (RHEMA) tailor-made for you to POP OUT through preaching, spontaneous thought, catchy statements, dreams, visions, trances, pictures, impressions etc
# Allow a reciprocal working relationship between your inner ears (PROPHETIC AUDIOLOGY) and your inner eyes (PROPHETIC VISIOLOGY)
# Always remember that God’s communication is from Spirit to spirit and never Spirit to flesh because what is born of the flesh is flesh and what is born of the Spirit is spirit
# Warning!!! God’s prophetic word should bring HOPE rather than fear, it should CONVICT rather than condemn and it should be CLINICAL rather than critical
# Make sure that any prophetic word you receive does not dismiss, contradict, replace or elevate itself above SCRIPTURE
# Keep a JOURNAL of what God shows you (THE POP OUT RHEMA) dating it as a prophetic record for future confirmation of Prophetic Fulfilment
# Pray for the Nathan type of prophetic wisdom whether to tell it, how to tell it, who to tell it, when to tell it and where to tell it

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There is an old adage that says, HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. But I would like to demystify this view and declare that HURT PEOPLE HEAL PEOPLE. This adage comes from Behavioural Psychologists from which a lot of sermons have been preached using this social scientific view and then pasting a few isolated Bible verses to support this theory. I am equally guilty of perpetuating this lie which victimises the victim leading to double tragedy. While there are some elements of truth in these psychological findings, I find it dangerous to swallow these views hook line and sinker. We need to take these views with a pinch of salt. In this discourse of the cycle of pain and hurt patterns being passed on from generation to generation, nothing is said about the INITIAL PERPETRATORS OF HURT. They are left to roam the streets of life scotfree. 
Here is how the theory of HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE is crafted:

# Emotionally hurt people tend to inflict their pain on others

# Hurt people interpret every word spoken and every action made to them in light of their past pain i.e. They tend to be sensitive and suspicious

# Hurt people can easily get infuriated due to emotional flashbacks from the past

# Hurt people often portray themselves as victims of circumstances

# Hurt people alienate themselves leading to self destructive behaviour
It is true to say that the broken sometimes have SPIKY EDGES but it goes without saying that we by virtue of being human, we all have SPIKY EDGES. The problem was observed by our Lord in that we find it easy to see a speck in someone’s eyes but we deliberately ignore the logs in our own eyes. Its amazing how sympathetic we are with ourselves but very hard on other people. I am of the opinion that hurt people heal people because they have walked on the Golgotha road. If you have never been been hurt, you are not likely to be able to heal and restore hurt people. Similarly hurt people who allow hurts to reside in their memory will also find it difficult to heal people. It is those who have been HURT & HEALED who can heal others. Our Lord Jesus Christ was hurt in order to bring us healing. Isaiah rightfully says that he was a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief and by his wounds we are healed. He goes on to say that it was the Lord’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer. Could it be that this new Beatitude says it all: BLESSED ARE THE CRACKED FOR THEY LET LIGHT IN. God used a cracked Joseph to help his brothers who had hurt him to get food in a time of famine. It was his brothers who doubted Joseph’s sincerity hence his answer to them: You meant it for evil but God turned it for good. God used a cracked Esau to forgive his brother Jacob who had cheated him big time. Furthermore God used a cracked, segregated and hurt Samaritan to heal a wounded Jew when his own fellow Jews who were Priest and Levite by rank shunned him. The list is endless but it suffices to say that HURT PEOPLE HEAL PEOPLE. HURT, HEALED AND HEALING PEOPLE should be your motto.


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