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GOD’S GONNA GET SOME GLORY OUT OF YOUR STORY (John 9:1-3, Philippians 1:12)

Are you aware that your story is for His glory? God is gonna get some glory out of every chapter of your story. Some of the things you are going through may not be glorious but God is in it. The Johanine corpus gives us a setting where Jesus is confronted with a case of a man born blind. The question was; Who caused this situation of being born blind? Is it the sin of the parents or the victim? Those who posed this question had what is well known in academic circles as DEUTERONOMISTIC THEOLOGY. This theology has it that misfortune is a result of sin. This theological framework blames the victim for his suffering. Bad things happen to bad people as a punishment from God. Similarly good things happen to good people as a reward from God. It was inconceivable that BAD THINGS DO HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE. Whenever someone suffered misfortune he had to do a lot of soul searching to find out where he went wrong or missed the mark. The community was also quick to judge you harshly for any misforne which befell you. This is the same thinking Job’s friends had when evaluating Job’s plight.
Jesus’ response to the plight of the blind man focused on demystifying this notion hence Jesus’ answer, THIS BLINDNESS IS NOT A RESULT OF SIN, BUT THAT THE WORKS OF GOD MAY BE DISPLAYED. In other words this man’s blindness does not need any research into the cause. His story is for his glory. Having said this, then Jesus miraculously opened the man’s eyes leading to God getting all the glory. 
The Apostle Paul similarly reassures the Philippians of his story of imprisonment. He asserts that all the adversities which happened to him helped in advancing the gospel. His suffering and possible execution did not in any way curtail the propagation of the gospel. Could it be that all the adversities you are facing are by divine design for the advancement of the gospel? Could it be that God may deliberately not remove some thorns in your flesh and he gets glory through his sustaining grace? Could it be that today’s Christians prefer golden chains and crosses to adorn their necks rather than carry a blood stained cross in their daily walk? Could it be that the modern Church has classified the crucified life as an outdated Theology suitable for Primitive Christianity? I beg to differ. Check out the following for your consolation:

# Your story may littered with sickness and suffering like the ten lepers but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with betrayal like Joseph but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with barrenness and childlessness like Hannah but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with being dropped and dumped like Mephibosheth but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with being born, bred and buttered in pain like Jabez but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with loss and misfortunes like Job but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with grief like Naomi or the widow of Nain but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with being a fugitive like David but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with threats like Mordecai but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with bills and debts like the Prophet’s widow but God is gonna get some glory out of your story


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PREACHERS OF GRACE FALLING FROM GRACE (Hebrews 12:14-17, 1Cor. 9:25-27)

I write this article with deep pain because of the tragedy which has befallen the Christian community at unprecedented rates. I do not put myself above my fellow preachers as a judge. Rather I write as a concerned Preacher who is also aware of Paul’s warning that ‘Let him who thinks he stands be careful lest he also falls’ (1Cor. 10:12). This article is about Preachers of Grace falling from Grace. The Apostle Paul is conscious of the possibility of being disqualified or falling from grace hence he puts his body under subjection. To fall from grace means to lapse into sinful life or to be entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Preachers are being dragged into secular courts of law charged with abuse of the very parishioners they are supposed to be shepherding. These cases range from indecent assault, attempted rape, rape, adultery to mention a few. Some have ended up serving long jail sentences or doing community service. But there are other cases of abuse which go unchallenged in the Christian community. Some of the weird practices which take place in the Christian community are a clear indication that the practitioners have long fallen from grace. Unfortunately there are so many innocent followers who have been brainwashed such that they cannot discern that the Preacher in question has crossed the line of grace. The million dollar question is why Preachers of Grace are falling from Grace. Listed below are some of the reasons why we preachers are falling from grace:
# When we become unrepentant when we have sinned before God
# When we become careless in our interaction with people of the opposite sex and even the same sex
# When we get carried away by self-glory instead of giving God all the glory
# When we get preoccupied with the cares of this world especially prosperity at any cost
# When we become over-confident and no longer need God’s grace in our daily lives
# When we forget to be sober and vigilant in a time the devil is targeting those who dispense grace
# When we ignore common danger warning signs and the still small voice of God
# When we breach ethical standards and values we used to embrace
# When we rely on the false gospel of hyper-grace which promises forgiveness of future sins in advance
# When we focus on external gratification of the flesh instead of inner satisfaction
# When the new phenomenon of ‘Miracles on Demand’ forces us to perform miracles at any cost
# When we begin to see ourselves as super-humans, semi-divine, super prophets, super apostles, super pastors, super evangelists and super teachers


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GRACE IS FREE BUT NOT CHEAP (Hebrews 10:26-31)

While I am a preacher of grace, I have observed a fallacy which diminishes the value of God’s grace. In the eyes of God, grace was never a cheap thing because it costed the high price of His son to die on the cross for our sins. The fact that grace is a free gift has caused many modern minds to belittle it because cheap things in modern markets are usually valueless. The higher the price the greater the quality. May we be reminded that the blood of Jesus because of its superior value, speaks better things than the blood of animals. While there is no price to pay for our salvation, it does not follow that because grace is free, therefore it is cheap. This is what the writer to the Hebrews is grappling with when he challenges his readers about the danger of deliberately keeping on sinning after they have received grace. Indeed there is need for believers to reciprocate God’s grace they have been freely given by living a holy life. Today’s Christian community has made grace so cheap that one can live anyhow and then expect to appropriate God’s unlimited grace. They can deliberately sin because God has already forgiven them in advance because of the finished work at Calvary. However the writer to the Hebrews rightfully says that when we make grace cheap, we are actually trampling the Son of God underfoot. Furthermore, we are treating as an unholy thing the blood that sanctified us thus insult the Spirit of grace. Sadly so to speak Church leaders are not telling their Church folks that the God of grace will one day be the God of judgment hence the illustration of the strictness of the Law of Moses. It only took the word of two or three witnesses to testify that you were on the wrong side of the law for you to be stoned to death. Mind you these witnesses were not verified if they were speaking the truth. In light of this, it suicidal for a Christian to play Church or live a life of a hypocrite. Tell you what, if you play Church you are not fooling anyone except yourself. Its high time that Christians discover that if they stop confessing, they stop growing. Only those who truly fear God do not deliberately continue sinning. Let us learn from King David that whilst he messed up big time by taking Uriah’s wife and later causing the death of Uriah, he realised the importance of confession (Psalm51). Even the woman who was caught in the act, Jesus did not condemn her but after all her accusers had disappeared into thin air, Jesus told her to GO AND SIN NO MORE. The writer to the Hebrews caps it up by saying that it is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God when there is no more sacrifice for sin available. STOP ACTING CHURCH, IT IS DANGEROUS.

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